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This week on In the Room, Brady Hicks and the gang debate the merits of WWE eliminating Smackdown and ending the brand extension. They also take some time to look back on last week’s Kurt Angle interview, and talk Bound for Glory. Thanks – as always – for the support!

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    • Avatar BigErn
      BigErn says:

      If you guys are retiring the fatty food segment (hence eliminating two listeners out of Kentucky who share the same last name) , then I would like to humbly submit my first and last fatty food for your consideration.

      Please consider The Quadruple Bypass Burger from the Heart Attack Grill in Arizona (as I hope that kenny is not turning his car away from his path to the Burger King Pizza Burger). It consists of four slabs of beef weighing a total of 2lbs, three cheese layers, four bacon rashers, lettuce and tomato. It is alleged to have 8000 calories.

      More info can be found on this beast at:

      At the time of the article, a guy ate one of these in less than four minutes! To make this fatty food complete, I would suggest a side order of flatliner fries (fries cooked in pure lard).

      I have enjoyed the fatty food segments as it is such a fun topic to stab at but what you guys do with the segment is up to you. Great podcast once again.

  2. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    Cool show as always.Am I the only one who can hear ‘Chris Jericho’ and ‘Fozzy’ in the intro this week?

  3. Avatar BigErn
    BigErn says:

    I heard the Jericho reference too … at least I thought I did. Was Jericho ever in the room? Not to my knowledge.

    Great podcast once again with a helluva fatty food. Apparently kenny and the princess have already started the road trip to Time Square and you guys might have spared us the bolin alley for another week.

    Sorry that I personally dropped the ball as I forgot the whole Smackdown discussion from last week. I would HATE to see Smackdown go as it has been my overall favorite show for years (especially when Edge and Jericho were on it). They always had more wrestling and less storyline stuff … then Hornswoggle got traded :(. At any rate, they need a second show to keep Cenanuff and the gang off my TV for one show a week. I am going with canceling Smackdown as ‘shite’.

    By the way, inviting MNL over is very charitable of you. It’s great that, as Brady mentioned, that you are not biased towards gays. I also must say that I respect your giving a chance to somebody with mentally challenged such as MNL as well. Walmart does it so I am glad that you guys are offering the olive branch!

  4. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    If you combine all 3 lights out segments you get ‘fat scumbag of the main show’. Draw your own conclusions.

  5. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    Im going to be captain cynical again but heres something you didn’t mention but isn’t outside the realm of possibility.Do you think WWE has SD and runs the way it does with some of its purpose being to stagnate and devalue good indy talent.Its kinda win win.Its stops any potential ROH or TNA stars taking off outside of them,if the guys do get over WWE reap the benefits and because lots of wrestlers want to be in WWE regardless of where they are or what they are asked to do,they can use them how they want knowing they won’t get complaints.If they leave lots of fans won’t rate them, seeing them fail in WWE.

    Imagine if WWE had AJ,Joe,Punk,Bourne,Wolfe,Christian(a WWE guy but huge in TNA)Austin Aries,MCMG,Beer Money.They mixed them in with Morrison,Miz,Orton,Kane,Cena,Sheamus,Kofi,Rey,HHH,Edge…. and you have one stupidily good roster.You could look up and down a card with those guys on and would be hard pressed to find a weak link.You could do what either DJ or Brady wanted.2 Brands,1 brand 2 shows,1 brand 1 show.Maybe its just a utopian vision but WWE could do it if they wanted and I imagine reasonably easily and I think wrestling/WWE would be great once again.

  6. The problem with the brand extension is that they hedged, and they had no choice but to hedge. The moment it became apparent that Smackdown PPVs were not going to garner the interest as Raw PPVs, they scaled back to consolidated PPVs, because they had the luxury to do so. If one brand ever starts doing bad, it has the other to piggy-back off of.

    The problem here is that if neither show is allowed to lose, then neither show is allowed to win, either. If Raw is the better show, then inevitably, they’re going to use Raw airtime to promote Smackdown and move Raw guys to Smackdown to boost the brand. They constantly have to screw the good show to keep the other one going. It’s like socialism.

    Sorry, I’m not buying the argument that the brands need to stay separate because people might lose jobs. You’re not giving people opportunity by keeping the product in a mediocre state. By doing so, you’re keeping WWE in a state where the interest is divided, the product is half-assed, and the talent isn’t getting the exposure anyway.

    Sometimes, you have to take a step back in order to take two steps forward. What’s good for business is for WWE to trim the fat so that it can grow healthy and strong again. They’ll end up doing not only what’s best for them, but best for business in general.

  7. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    I think using the argument that WWE change things because they aren’t working is slightly flawed.How many things have they changed that were good or at least adequate.And how many things have they not changed or taken a long time to change that aren’t working e.g guest GM.With Jericho gone and Edge on SD the Raw GM bit is going to run out of steam again pretty soon and there are only so many ways it can screw Cena over and still be entertaining.

    Its sad that in the last year WWE have come out and said that ECW,SD,NXT/womens wrestling are all crap.Firstly that isn’t totally true and secondly like most things in the WWE nowadays they fail because WWE set them up to fail then act suprised.

    RAW is Vinces priority.No matter what it will come first and even if SD managed to do better than RAW they will just trade guys over and ruin any momentum they have and leave them to stagnate.

  8. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    Brady you sly devil, how did you get Jericho to do an intro? It would be amazing if you managed to get him to make a full appearance sometime.I think as a holiday treat you should do another debate, HBK vs Y2J who was better lol.

    Oh and was Kev’s song this week inspired by anyone because it reminded me of a Soundgarden song (Zero Chance I think)