In the Room with Serena Deeb (11/8/10)

This week on IN THE ROOM, WWE’s former anti-diva SERENA DEEB stops by to hold Brady Hicks and the gang’s hand through a very special episode. What does Serena really think about her dismissal from WWE? What does the future hold for the former Straight Edge Society star? And what are the thoughts going through an 18-year-old girl’s head as she packs up her car and leaves her family in Virginia behind to travel all the way to Louisville to train to be a wrestler.

On Shaving Her Head for WWE
It was a really unique opportunity. Seeing a woman getting her head shaved was so rare, you don’t see it all that often in the history of wrestling. Getting to do it as my debut was really, really cool, and really powerful. I was also very scared about what I was going to look like. There were a lot of uncertainties, but it ended up being really, really great for my career.

On the Straight Edge Society’s Demise
There were a lot of different ways that things could have played out that could have been interesting. It wasn’t anybody’s fault. It had the potential to make a bigger splash, but unfortunately it didn’t.

On Challenging Awesome Kong in the $25K Series
It was an interesting time in my career. I was kind of pursuing overseas tours. I don’t know that I was on their radar. It just wasn’t the right time I guess.

On WWE’s Development of Female Talent
They really need to start introducing new characters in the women’s division to keep it interesting. The thing that makes it different from the men’s division is there’s so many less spots and they only get like one segment on a show. The fans only see the same girls in every segment, and you have to keep it fresh, to keep a constantly revolving product.

On Serena’s Future Endeavors
I’m 24. I’m going on close to my sixth year in wrestling. I’ve done a lot of cool stuff, a lot of stuff that some people never get to. But there is a lot of unfinished business right now. I say that from many different standpoints. There is the fact that I’m still very young and there’s still a lot of territory that hasn’t been explored. Absolutely, there’s a lot for me that everybody hasn’t seen yet.

All that, plus — what are Serena’s thoughts on coming to work every day with CM Punk on Smackdown, wrestling for SHIMMER, who is WWE’s unsung best announcer, and thoughts on Mickie James, Madison Rayne, and Mercedes Martinez. PLUS … the art of re-growing hair :).