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Photo by TNA Wrestling

This week, wrestling historian Matt Grimm makes his return IN THE ROOM and joins Brady Hicks, DJ, and Kevin to look at the top half of WWE’s Top 50 wrestler listing. Plus, WWE’s King of the Ring is broken down.

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  2. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    How come the pic changed ?

  3. I was patiently waiting for Brady to get to #4. I really wanted to hear what he was going to say.

    I’m like the opposite guy. I always liked Bret, and I cheered for him all the time. Likewise, it doesn’t matter who was facing Shawn; I would always boo Shawn. I actually stopped watching wrestling for a short time after Wrestlemania 12. Something happened that day that I don’t like to talk about. A very dark day.

    I would have had a scumbag of the week of my own had you guys not at least acknowledged Bret’s value to business in spite of him being on top at a time when WWF wasn’t doing so well. He was the guy who kept me tuned in during an era when there were race car drivers, garbage men, rock guitarists, friars, and space men in the ring.

    I loved his feud with Bob Backlund. That’s not something I hear talked about a lot, but those two were such a fit for each other. Everyone talks about the Owen feud of that time, and rightfully so, but Hart and Backlund had a couple PPV classics.

    Speaking of whom, Backlund is another one, like Shawn, who had two completely separate careers. Having absolutely no context for his initial run in the company, all I have to judge him on is his 90s run, and I loved it. I don’t think they did enough with him, and they took the belt off him way too quickly. I remember him coming out to no music, and the crowd absolutely wanted to see him get murdered in the ring. And he lost it to Diesel, of all people.

    Backlund is way too low on this list.