IN THE ROOM – Who’s Slammy Edition with Rich Baker and Kenny Bolin (12/27)-1227

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This week, join Brady Hicks, DJ, and Kevin McElvaney as worlds collide on IN THE ROOM. Listen as FOR THE LOVE OF WRESTLING podcast host Rich Baker sits in with the gang for the first ever WHO’S SLAMMY AWARDS. Plus, THE BOLIN ALLEY‘s own KENNY BOLIN calls in, and tons of other surprises! Happy New Year’s to all! Hope you enjoy the show. Check it out at

2 Responses to IN THE ROOM – Who’s Slammy Edition with Rich Baker and Kenny Bolin (12/27)

  1. Now I know that Bolin’s pay-per-show is most likely just a work, but in the event that it isn’t, he should just take his show and go ahead and do it. I’m tired of him c***-waving the pay site idea. It’s not even funny anymore. He’s just sounding like an old man nagging on the same thing week after week.

    If there’s a show that doesn’t immediately have a charge the moment you download, guess what; that show is free. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding himself. No one with any self respect is going to pay unless you actually set up a pay-for-download system.

    If it is just a work, then Bolin is taking advantage of the poor saps who have the misfortune of thinking that they actually owe him a dollar every week, especially if all they have to listen to is him whining about how half his listeners owe him money. And if it’s not a work, then he should just take his show and charge for it, so he can watch his ratings bottom-out when nobody listens to him anymore.