Who’s Slammy Award Voting NOW OPEN!

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It’s time once again for the Who’s Slammy’s, wrestling’s most prestigious unofficial year-end awards. Please vote once for each category, representing the best and the worst of In the Room and its competitors on Who’s Slamming Who.

Polls close on Monday, December 27th at 10 PM EST, and will be announced LIVE on IN THE ROOM.


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  1. Tyler Hawkins says:

    How can you have a poll for the best show on WSW without including all of the shows? You’ve not included Lanny Poffo’s Poetry in Motion in the list. However, you have included Kenny Bolin’s Bolin Alley…which took a long hiatus…while Mr. Poffo continued to post a show each week. They may not have been classics but they were always interesting and he was consistently doing a show every week.

    Come on Mr. Hicks. If you’re going to have an awards poll, be fair and include everyone..not just hand picking a few shows. Otherwise, why bother? I notice you made sure YOUR show was included.

  2. The shows listed are the top five in the ratings. I just did it to make voting a little easier. I tried to get almost every show represented for at least one category.

  3. I like that even though my name appears at least 50% of the time on your board you still manage to spell it wrong.Good effort though and I love who some of the guys are voting for.

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