Live Show Notes (WWE Royal Rumble)

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World (Smackdown) Heavyweight Champion Edge pinned Dolph Ziggler [21:35] with a spear (even though it’s illegal) … WWE (Raw) World Champion The Miz (with Alex Riley) pins Randy Orton [20:33] after interference from The Nexus … Eve Torres pins Layla to win the WWE Diva’s Championship in a four-way match also featuring champion Natalya and Michelle McCool [4:25] … Alberto Del Rio wins the 2011 Royal Rumble match [70:03], last eliminating Santino Marella. CLICK BELOW FOR DETAILED STATS

Order of Entry:

  1. CM Punk
  2. Daniel Bryan
  3. Justin Gabriel
  4. Zack Ryder
  5. William Regal
  6. Ted DiBiase, Jr.
  7. John Morrison
  8. Yoshi Tatsu
  9. Husky Harris
  10. Chavo Guerrero
  11. Mark Henry
  12. JTG
  13. Michael McGillicutty
  14. Chris Masters
  15. David Otunga
  16. Tyler Reks
  17. Vladimir Kozlov
  18. R-Truth
  19. The Great Khali
  20. Mason Ryan
  21. Booker T
  22. John Cena
  23. Hornswoggle
  24. Tyson Kidd
  25. Heath Slater
  26. Kofi Kingston
  27. Jack  Swagger
  28. Sheamus
  29. Rey Mysterio
  30. Wade Barrett
  31. Dolph Ziggler
  32. Kevin Nash
  33. Drew McIntyre
  34. Alex Riley
  35. The Big Show
  36. Ezekiel Jackson
  37. Santino Marella
  38. Alberto Del Rio
  39. Randy Orton
  40. Kane

Order of Elimination (Time, Eliminated By):

  1. Justin Gabriel (2:33, Daniel Bryan)
  2. Zack Ryder (3:44, Daniel Bryan)
  3. William Regal (8:52, Daniel Bryan)
  4. Chavo Guerrero (15:05, Mark Henry)
  5. Yoshi Tatsu (15:35, Mark Henry)
  6. JTG (17:59, Daniel Bryan)
  7. Ted DiBiase, Jr. (18:50, The Nexus)
  8. Daniel Bryan (20:57, The Nexus)
  9. Chris Masters (21;10, The Nexus)
  10. John Morrison (21:29, The Nexus)
  11. Mark Henry (21:57, The Nexus)
  12. Tyler Reks (22:49, CM Punk)
  13. Vladimir Kozlov (24:21, CM Punk)
  14. R-Truth (26:10, CM Punk)
  15. Husky Harris (27:26, The Great Khali)
  16. The Great Khali (28:22, Mason Ryan)
  17. Booker T (31:00, Mason Ryan)
  18. Mason Ryan (32:05, John Cena)
  19. Michael McGillicutty (32:10, John Cena)
  20. David Otunga (32:11, John Cena)
  21. CM Punk (34:50, John Cena)
  22. Tyson Kidd (36:37, John Cena)
  23. Heath Slater (38:09, John Cena)
  24. Hornswoggle (43:19, Sheamus)
  25. Jack Swagger (46:06, Rey Mysterio)
  26. Kevin Nash (52;49, Wade Barrett)
  27. Dolph Ziggler (55:16, The Big Show)
  28. Drew McIntyre (55:40, The Big Show)
  29. The Big Show (56:01, Ezekiel Jackson)
  30. Alex Riley (58:41, Randy Orton)
  31. Kofi Kingston (60:13, Randy Orton)
  32. Sheamus (60:15, John Cena)
  33. Ezekiel Jackson (62:07, Kane)
  34. Kane (62:54, Rey Mysterio)
  35. Rey Mysterio (62;56, Wade Barrett)
  36. John Cena (66:06, The Miz*)
  37. Wade Barrett (68:07, Randy Orton)
  38. Randy Orton (68:10, Alberto Del Rio)
  39. Santino Marella (70:03, Alberto Del Rio)

WINNER – Alberto Del Rio

* Not an official entry(but should have been).

8 Responses to Live Show Notes (WWE Royal Rumble)

  1. With two names in particular rumored to be part of the Rumble tonight, it makes me wonder what TNA’s going to do this Thursday when “they” don’t show up, because “they” signed with WWE. What a train wreck.

    Should be interesting to see how they fill out the Rumble. I’m sure there will be a lot of surprise entrants this year. Especially-ahh… one guy-ahh… in particular-ahhh!!!

  2. I was pulling for Steiner to be at the Rumble as well.

  3. Avatar Big Ern
    Big Ern says:

    I also enjoyed the Rumble last night and am glad that they went with the guy who was harping on winning it for once. Although at the beginning of the match I was hoping that Punk would go the distance but Del Rio will make for an entertaining main event at WM.

    I think that we all knew that Miz would retain but I thought that it would go DQ or countout to keep Orton strong (or at least a tainted victory like we saw).

    The rumble itself was very good and I really was into it with the Nexus dominance, followed by the awful Hornswoggle/Cenanuff bit. The only other hope that I had was Kane taking out three or four guys to tie/beat the top number of total eliminations but again we have to believe that 160-pound-soaking-wet-Rey can toss him out. Methinks that Kane was being punished for not drawing the numbers when on top of Smackdown despite the Godawful writing.

    The chants for Diesel were very surprising and I would have hoped for the hokey King Booker rather than Booker T but oh well. I was also really marking out for a Jericho or Christian return but it was still a fun Rumble.

    The elimination chamber could have Rey win the world title (gasp) and then have Del Rio face Rey at WM but I would rather see Edge vs. Del Rio.

    They = the New Age Outlaws??? ;) — nothing like a backup plan. Maybe Jenna Morasca and Traci Brooks? Nothing would surprise me.

  4. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    Kane seems to have gone back to being a non-entity again. Even though WWE hate us, having Punk against Danielson was cool and I would have liked to have seen more of Morrison who the crowd seemed to love.

    The whole no spear thing was stupid. How could he win without it? His old modified DDT perhaps? (used) Modified sharpshooter? (used) UNPRETTIER?!?! (used and clearly just to tease us)

    Some say having Miz keep getting cheap wins will make him weak but he dominated Orton and is far more entertaining. I like guys who aren’t great on the mic but good workers like Benoit or Bret, but Orton really is pretty boring now. At least he used to be vicious or funnyish but as no.2 PG face who is kinda pals with Cena he sucks. He needs to get back to punting guys in the head or something. They clearly don’t know what to do with and havn’t for what seems like forever.

  5. Great points, guys. I also find it interesting if WWE signed Mistico out of CMLL. They are very close to having a better Mexican roster on Smackdown than either of their Mexican counterparts.

  6. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    If thats the case I can see a mask vs mask retirement match somewhere down the line. I was hoping Nash would go after Rey in the Rumble. I hate it when guys that have history ignore each other or go at them like they are just another guy.

  7. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    Does anyone have any idea how long Nash will be around for? I think the reaction he got could make WWE keep him untill WM. Nash vs Taker? Nash vs Taker vs Barrett? Nash vs HHH ref. HBK?

  8. Haven’t heard … I suspect they’ll do a deal like Bret last year, three months, see how it goes. Probably Hall of Fame too.