Montreal Counterpoint: Nice WORKING With You, Vince

Photo by WWE

This post is in response to a recent post by’s Vince Gillett, who was writing in response to my comments on a recent podcast. It started out on his comment board, but I decided there were enough questions to warrant this being its own post.

First off, great job, Vince! I’m not sure I totally agree everybody in the old WWF locker room was in on it, but I do have a lot of questions and have heard something to that effect from at least a few workers.

1. Bret’s ” creative control” aside, how could he get away with destroying all that expensive equipment without being sued? How about physically assaulting Vince? Don’t tell me WWE wouldn’t have filed lawsuit after lawsuit against him … they’ve sued others so many times for so much less. In anything but the real world, why would Bret not be sued?

2. Wasn’t it mutually beneficial to portray a “screwjob”? Essentially, everybody got what they wanted out of the deal. Everybody knew that Bret did not really lose the championship to Shawn Michaels in Canada. It got some steam on the Hitman as he headed to WCW, while also getting people talking about the WWF, controversial new champion Shawn Michaels, and (most importantly), a new evil Mr. McMahon character. What was the downside? Everybody cam out of the Montreal Screwjob in a better position than they were coming in.

4. Speaking of “screwjob,” it was actually a phrase Bret had been throwing around for months before the ” Montreal Screwjob” actually took place. Could that REALLY be a coincidence?

5. Isn’t it convenient that the “Wrestling with Shadows” cameraman was there to document everything that was said and done, minus Bret’s supposed assault of Vince? Why wasn’t Vince’s eye swollen, just black and blue? And why was Julie Hart backstage, glancing at the “Wrestling with Shadows” camera so sure Hunter was in on it the whole time? The obvious answer for me is that Hunter needed the heat to benefit himself as well.

6. Why were two heels fighting in the main event anyway, unless they intended for one of them–Bret–to come out of it (and leave WWE) as he actually wanted all along … A FAN FAVORITE.

7. Didn’t it give something for Bret to talk about for years … essentially keeping the “grudge” alive and keeping fans dreaming of a confrontation again one day? No doubt, Bret had no idea he would suffer a career-ending injury. He had to have figured he would be with WCW for a short stay, then return to the WWF for the REAL, BIG MONEY MATCHUP … possibly the biggest of all time. You really can’t deny it would have been, either.

8. And finally … if Bulldog and Neidhart were planning to leave with Bret for WCW (contracts were signed around the same time and could have feasibly both been expiring), that would leave only Owen, who ALSO BENEFITED because he got to take a month off and come back as the company’s top babyface. Hmmm …

In all, very good arguments, Vince. I just don’t see it. Everything logical for me seems to point toward a work. Thanks for your time.

11 Responses to Montreal Counterpoint: Nice WORKING With You, Vince

  1. Avatar SmartbreakKid
    SmartbreakKid says:

    I’ve been saying the EXACT same thing for years with the EXACT same points. Everybody came out ahead in the “screwjob”. It’s one of the last great works of the internet era of professional wrestling. Let’s write a book.

  2. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    Assuming it is the last great work, don’t you find ironic in doing that it blew up and exposed to the world just how much of a work wrestling is, the effects of which WWE still have to deal with?

    Oh and I’m waiting to see the evidence Owen got something great out of it all. Wasn’t the point of this the ‘big bang’ of the attitude era where being face/heel didn’t really matter hence Owen was top babyface….right behing Austin(fans still hated Owen for breaking his neck) and Undertaker…..and while they had major feuds Owen got repeatedly screwed out the EUROPEAN title, not even the IC which Rock and Shamrock were feuding over.

  3. Owen took a month off after the Screwjob and was pushed into the main event title picture with Shawn. He didn’t get over as such, but the post-SS attempt was still there.

    • Avatar Vince G
      Vince G says:

      To me as an Owewn fan I see him in the main event then as one of those Billy Gunn type pushes. No matter what happened no one is going to remember him in the main event at that time and when they do they will see it as a stupid one off. There was no way Owen as going to be allowed to get over. DX vs Austin was THE big angle Owen was just filler they used because they could capitalise on the whole ‘screwjob’ thing real or not.

  4. To me any main event work he did he was way beyond where he should have been. I feel like Owen is one of those guys whose legacy has gotten much bigger with death.

    • Avatar Vince G
      Vince G says:

      I know Brady and as an Owen fan it makes my blood boil everytime you say that. Ill write something about that so we can move the debate along.

  5. No disrespect intended. I’m not big on any of the Harts other than The Bulldog and TJ Wilson, who were never really Harts, plus Natalya. I always thought Jason Sensation showed how charismatic Owen could have been, though.

  6. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is excellent blog. A great read. I will definitely be back.

  7. Avatar Justin
    Justin says:

    funny how Wikipedia documents the Montreal Screwjob.Talking about how Vince McMahon manipulated the match’s result with Shawn Michaels and Bret reacting in such a way. Goes on about how it caused an uproar. Publicity for everyone!

  8. @Bradyhicks – “To me any main event work he did he was way beyond where he should have been. I feel like Owen is one of those guys whose legacy has gotten much bigger with death.” – I agree with your point! Owen’s legacy was just heightened by his death. By the way, isn’t it WWE scripted? They’re just controlling all the things that happen in WWE except for the occasional accidents/injuries.