Live Show Notes (WWE Elimination Chamber)

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Oakland, CA–Alberto Del Rio submits Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston [10:29] with an armbar in a non-title match …Smackdown Elimination Chamber match: The Big Show pins Wade Barrett [18:47] with a knockout punch … Kane pins Show [20:15] with a chokeslam … Kane pins Drew McIntyre [21:08] with a chokeslam … Edge pins Kane [22:49] with a spear … Edge pins Rey Mysterio [31:07], catching him with a spear when he leaps off the top turnbuckle, to retain his World (Smackdown) Championship … Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel defeat Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov to win the WWE World Tag Championship [4:58] … WWE (Raw) World Champion The Miz (with Alex Riley) pins Jerry Lawler [12:08] with a Skull Crushing Finale … Raw Elimination Chamber Match: Randy Orton pins CM Punk [8:44] with an RKO; Punk is reinstated in the match by the Raw General Manager when his pod malfunctions … Sheamus pins R-Truth [17:16] with a bicycle kick … CM Punk pins Randy Orton [21:17] with a GTS … John Morrison pins Sheamus [25:02] after hitting him with a kick from the roof of the cage … Punk pins Morrison [32:42] with a GTS … John Cena pins Punk [33:00]. Pictured: Trish Stratus.

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