10 Wrestlers I Wish Were Always On TV-2

Disclaimer: So I have wanted to do this for years. Compile a list of wrestlers that I really enjoy watching, but never made it to the dance, or didn’t really get pushed, or whatever. This is not a list of the best, most underrated, or anything like that. These are completely my opinions and are in no particular order.

9. Paul London

The Intrepid Action Figure!

I don’t really think he got a fair shake in WWE. Sure, he was the part of the longest reigning tag team champions in history, but it was at a time when the titles didn’t really mean that much. I don’t mean to diminish them, or London & Kendrick, but facts are facts. The fact the WWE is using smaller and younger guys now could have helped London if he hadn’t been let go.

Paul London cares about entertaining the crowd. I went to one of the last shows he was on when he was with WWE. It was a Monday Night Raw in DC and he was in a dark match. The guy wrestled a solid match and got the crowd into it. London is quick and has the brains to get the crowd popping.

Case and point: Royal Rumble 2005. Snitsky… probably one of the least popular workers on the roster at that time eliminated London with a clothesline. It doesn’t sound that great, but London sold it to make it a show stealer. He claimed in an interview, he got heat from higher ups for basically stealing the show.

Besides just WWE, he rips it up in the independents and did so before WWE. He was one of the most beloved in ROH and with good reason. If Paul London is a guy you haven’t really seen, you should definitely check out some of his matches.

And without further ado…

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