Dave & Danger Show with Bruno Sammartino

Photo by BrunoSammartino.com


The Anthony Sarlo podast will not air tonight at this time so that thebradyhicks.com can bring to you a very special rebroadcast of the Dave & Danger Show.

This edition of the Dave & Danger Show, hosted by Dave Wills and Mark Danger, featured a lengthy conversation with Bruno Sammartino, who talked for almost two hours while promoting WrestleReunion 6 in Atlanta on April 3. The program is a presentation of Georgia Wrestling History’s GWH Radio Network.


One Response to Dave & Danger Show with Bruno Sammartino

  1. Avatar Neil
    Neil says:

    Why would I ever again want to listen to this show? All I hear is a bitter old man who can’t change with the times. I can understand taking a stance on the rampant steroid use in WWE over the years, but if you have a problem with gay marriage angles and increased adult content in wrestling, I’m sorry, but times are changing, and the world is leaving you behind. I thought it was a shame that you have yet to be in the WWE hall of fame, but now I see that you don’t deserve it.

    Wow, listening to this has actually made me reconsider whether or not it’s actually worth it to pay Bolin his stupid dollar for his show. A dollar show in a sea of free podcasts may be ridiculous, but I’d rather do that than listen to this show. At least Bolin is funny.