IN THE ROOM with Luke Gallows

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This week, former WWE Smackdown star–and Straight-Ege Society member–“BIG LG,” the former LUKE GALLOWS steps IN THE ROOM with Brady Hicks, Kevin, and Young John to talk about his experience on the road with WWE, starting at the age of just 21. All that, plus Austin Aries is announced as the #8 competitor in this year’s ECWA Super 8 (interview to follow…next week), WrestleMania talk heats up, and Brady and the gang discuss Sting’s return to TNA.

On Teaming With Punk in SES:
They wanted a big guy with [CM Punk]. He didn’t really need it, nor do I think he thought he did. I thought we made it really work though. I tried to change my look, change a little my style in the ring. I think a little character development may have helped us more, but on the other hand–and he’s one of my best friends so this isn’t me kissing butt–he is one of the best on the mic. I could understand why they wouldn’t give us more to say, but I always wish they would have.

On the Straight-Edge Society In General:
We called ourselves the Addams Family. You had me, the big Cowboy. then you had Serena, the bald-headed girl, then you had the unshaven CM Punk, picking stuff out of his beard. We’d be sitting there in Cracker Barrel and people would just stare.

On Portraying the “Fake” Kane:
I didn’t end up liking the result, but when you’re a 21 year old guy, I tried my best. Bill DeMott to his credit would come back with me at night for secret Kane training. I remember that first night on Raw. I looked like I was a member of that 80s hairband. That hair kinda killed me in the water right out of the gate. It was what it was. I always appreciated and respected Kane in the business, and it helped promote his movie coming out. So it was what it was.

On the Festus Experience:
I loved Ray Gordy. I was wrestling in developmental as the Freakin’ Deacon, but they had The Boogeyman and they felt that it would be too 80’s. I remember Vince pulled us aside and laid out the idea for this Festus character. At the time, you look at it I was 23 years old. I just wanted to be the best damn whatever it was. So hopefully that’s what I was able to do. People still ask me the most about that. There were times when  I thought we could have done more with that character than we did.

All that, plus what Big LG thinks about CM Punk, Serena Deeb, and Joey Mercury, plus what he has had going on since leaving WWE, the affect that traveling has on his personal life, and his thoughts on the quick dissolution of the Straight-Edge Society.

2 Responses to IN THE ROOM with Luke Gallows

  1. Avatar BigErn
    BigErn says:

    Hey there Brady Bunch … I really enjoyed this weeks podcast. Luke got the shaft from the WWE with two bad gimmicks before landing in SES which is a shame.

    I recall giving praise to WWE for pushing younger talent up until earlier this year. What the hell is going on now? Seems to me that Barrett, Corre, New Nexus, and even Kofi are lost in the shuffle along with countless others. Instead we get the same boring CrippleH promos burying all talent except for him and a crippled Underseller as well as some terrible potty humor (which can be done right from the right talent) in Cenanuff to the Miz. I hope that the youth movement is only delayed until big ol’ payday (Wrestlemania of course).

    • Avatar Vince G
      Vince G says:

      Cool show guys. Ern I think WWE or those who are in charge don’t have any long term plans really except for the odd guy Vince takes a shine to every now and then (some say Skipp Sheffield is next) I think the old sink or swim attitude won’t work anymore because they have a much weaker (relatively) pool of people to choose from. FCW are bringing up guys who are ok technically but not really up to where WWE wants them to be and have forgotten how to build guys. Monster heel runs won’t work unless they seriously make that person(s) pose a threat to Cena or Orton. And totally repackaging indy guys isn’t working either.For me it has finally gotten to the point where RAW is all talk and SD is all wrestling but both are muh…. I never saw it that way before but now I do.