My Misfit HOF Inductees 2011.-2011

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As we all know the WWE Hall of Fame is a difficult thing to get your head around. It is as much as an angle as anything else. The people that are in it that probably don’t deserve to be VS those that should be but aren’t and some that won’t ever be makes the whole thing difficult to gauge when talking about who should and shouldn’t go in. Here is a list of some people that I think have a legitimate claim to being allowed in based on their contributions to wrestling and who most people wouldn’t give a moments thought to.

Crash Holly: Yes I am being totally serious. I’m sure anyone reading this probably thinks it’s a stupid thing to say but listen to my reasoning. The Hardcore belt is a big part of WWE history. Whether you liked the matches, the brawls and the skits it does not matter. When you think Hardcore Title you have to think about the 24/7 rule and when you do that you have to think Crash Holly. He was the Houdini of Hardcore! So much of the WWE shows were spent on guys trying to get that belt off of him. He was the lynchpin that held together all the guys at the botom of the pile, the jobbers, the tag teams, guys WWE didn’t have anything for at the time all went after him. He even made Hardcore Holly seem vaguely amusing. He held the title 22 times(4 behind Raven who held it the most)and for a combined total of 108 days (Raven 36) which is top 5 in terms of combined reigns. He also held the Tag Team Titles, the European Title and the Light heavyweight Title which is more or less a lower tier grand slam.
He could easily be considered to be the ultimate Hardcore Champion which is why I think he should be in.

The British Bulldog(s): There is no way I can see WWE are ever going to let either Davey Boy Smith or Dynamite Kid in the Hall Of Fame and I think they should be. Firstly as the Bulldogs they were a popular team and seem to be revered now. They were one of the big names in what could be considered the golden age of tag teams wrestling. They had great feuds against The Hart Foundation (considered a legendary feud by some), The Islanders, The ‘ Dream Team’ Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake and Hall of Famers The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff.

As individuals they could probably get in too. I havn’t seen lots of The Dynamite Kid but what I have seen makes me want to see more. Earlier in his career he seemed to be a great light heavyweight and inspired many smaller wrestlers most notably Chris Benoit. Davey Boy Smith wasn’t as technically gifted as his cousin but he was a great character and achieved a lot in his time. He was the first ever European Champion a belt he held twice and for a combined longest reign of 253 days. He also held the IC title which he famously won from Bret Hart in the main event at Summer Slam 1992 in Wembely Stadium, England which is considered (by some) the largest attendance of any WWE event coming in at 80,355 people.

Both have their place in wrestling history but unfortunately not entirely for the right reasons. It is no secret both abused steroids, which in the case of Davey boy Smith led to his death in 2002. It also contributed to the physical problems Dynamite Kid has to deal with, being confined to a wheel chair. Dynamite is also legendary for attracting heat and getting into problems backstage to a degree few others have. He famously got fired from the WWF for an altercation with Jacques Rougeau, made an enemy of Brutus Beefcake and wasn’t above ribbing or bullying anyone he felt like. Even his friends and family weren’t free from his wrath. Plenty of stories exist of how badly he treated his wife and DBS his cousin. The fact Dynamite and DBS managed to co exist and achieve anything is somewhat amazing (though if you know anything about Manchunians it’s not that amazing).
I would be very suprised if either went in. DBS is still mentioned regularly thanks to his son being in the WWE and being part of the Hart family and he even features in the latest Smackdown vs Raw videogame. Tom Billington the Dynamamite Kid is an outspoken opponent of wrestling now and is unlikely to ever accept anything or deal with WWE in any way.

The Hardy Boys: Another team whose chances are quite slim of going into the HOF any time soon. Between them they won pretty much every title it was possible to win in the WWE either as a team or competing seperately. They also revolutionised tag team wrestling with their famous feuding with the Dudley Boyz and Edge& Christian and are as much an integeral part of the ‘Attitude Era’ of wrestling as anyone else.
Unlike any other team I can think of though both the Hardy brothers seem addicted to hitting the selfdestruct button on their careers and bodies. Drug problems, poor behavior, insulting the WWE, joining TNA, refusal to work. You name it they have done it and I can’t see either of them getting invited back by the WWE unless something major happens.

Eric Bischoff: Like him or loathe him he has to be in the Hall of Fame. If you drew up a list of most important people in wrestling history he would easily make the top 10 and possibly top 5. No other person has ever come close to challenging Vince McMahon and WWE let alone almost sinking them. That aside he did come up with (copy) the NWO invasion angle which was one of the greatest things wrestling has ever seen until it imploded in on itself. He also helped bring guys like Chris jericho, Benoit, Rey Mysterio and Eddie Gurrero to mainstream audiences. He may not have known what to do with them but he gave them an oppurtunity none the less.

Paul Heyman: Paul Heyman is still one of the most respected minds in wrestling despite the fact everyone that ever worked for him says he was a pathological liar, he refused to pay them for months on end and eventually sold out ECW and its wrestlers whilst profiting from it himself. He is called a mad scientist and he was. He took a bunch of completly different elements, shook them up and released them on the wrestling world and managed to accomplish a suprising amount with what he had. He can also be credited for helping create the ‘Attitude Era’. Hardcore wrestling, rock music, adult gimmicks, cruiserweight and international stars all came or flourished thanks to ECW and WCW/WWF were left to play catch up. He also did a good job whilst in the WWE. His booking was good, he was okay as a commentator and he helped bring along Brock Lesnar.
I also think ECW needs to be in the Hall Of Fame. Maybe not every original becuase that could take all day but the company, its contributions and what it stood for should be.

The Big Boss Man: Again this one might sound stupid to some and I admit im stretching things a bit but lets look at it sensibly for a second. Firstly in either of his runs in WWE he was a character and a memorable one at that. Secondly he was capable of fitting in anywhere on the card. As the corporations enforcer he could be in a match with Stone Cold one week and beating up a lower tier guy the next then tagging the next. Wherever he was needed he would go and do a decent job whilst there. Thridly some of the most memorable moments good or bad he was part of during the ‘Attitude Era’. He appeared in two Hell In A Cell matches (yes Kennel From Hell counts) one of which was against the Undertaker at WrestleMania no less, making him part of the illustrious ‘Streak’. And who could forget the Al Snow Feud with Pepper the dog or his feud with Big show which saw him steal the coffin of Big Shows dead father. Hideous but powerful stuff there. Though he never really won any major singles titles and only 1 Tag Title he is hard to forget and one of the last of the old school decent ‘character’ wrestlers.

Like I said I doubt many will agree with me but take a second to think about it. The Hall Of Fame is not just about the best ever wrestlers it is those who made the biggest contributions. Whether you liked or disliked someone if they were an important part of the WWE story, one which telling it without them would be difficult they deserve to go in. If it was soley who the ‘best’ wrestlers were it would be a very different scenario and you are probably best off going to the Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame for that. I know this is a subject everyone has hundreds of opinions on but here are a few you might not have thought of.

3 Responses to My Misfit HOF Inductees 2011.

  1. Avatar richjones
    richjones says:

    Matt and Jeff ? These two posted a drug-induced rant on Youtube about CM Punk not too long ago. While I do not see a claim to these two being in the HOF, it is important to note the common thread here. A majority of the guys on this list are wrestling tragedies, the PG image of the company is probably the strongest case against these guys.

    • Avatar VinceGillett
      VinceGillett says:

      Interesting. Drugs aside why don’t you think the Hardys as a team are worthy of being in the Hall of fame?

      I get the common thread thing, that wasn’t really my intention. I could have come up with 50 more men and women who aren’t as tragic but it was just meant to be a bit light hearted. Guess I misjudeged my own opinion. It was either going to be guys not PG enough or obscure guys most don’t think of and I guess I went too far one way. it just seems the guys people always bring up (PG or not) are the same.

      Eric and Heyman:Not really tragedies.
      Crash and BBM:They are but I imagine WWE could ignore how they died and put them in.
      Hardys: read my next post.
      Bulldogs:It is tragic to an extent but they have to take blame and there is enough talk that one day at least one might get in again ignoring DBS death.

      Also I didn’t want start another debate with Brady over why I think Owen should be in.

  2. Avatar Dave S.
    Dave S. says:

    Before you put the Hardys or any other team The Road Warriors need to go in.