RIP Who’s Slamming Who

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Please note that I did post this on the dying WSW website where a few of us hooked up but I don’t know how long it will be up.  I apologize to those on who have no idea of what Who’s Slamming Who (WSW) is … no point in learning now ;)

I had meant to post something nice on WSW because in its heyday, we had Brady, Jim Cornette, and Kenny Bolin all on one website posting weekly along with interesting (and some pretty silly as well) posts and neat exchange of ideas.  When Tommy Fierro, photo above, decided to move WSW to another website it appears that none of these guys will be a part of his new website.  Tommy also felt like he should take a stab at posters on his site.

Without putting you through fluff about his new site, Tommy’s words were:

“Another reason I’m happy WSW is moving from this Podomatic site to is due to any Internet clowns that write their smart ass comments under people’s segments. For you people that hide behind your computers and talk trash- it’s a slap in the face to people here on WSW that put their time and energy into providing FREE audio for you to listen to every week. By moving WSW to a professional website, I eliminate that problem.”

We have had some silly posters on WSW, sure … but there has also been thoughtful feedback, good thoughts, fun feuds and more on WSW.

So I told Brady that I would write something on the death of WSW but to be honest, it has been dying for a while with folks like Cornette and Bolin being gone for ages and Brady’s podcast up a week later than here (if at all).  All of that aside, Bill Behrens and Rich Baker put up a pretty good podcast on there but I don’t see them listed in this ‘ad’ for Tommy’s new site.  As for Tommy, he is shutting out the ‘Internet clowns’ on his new site so who’s really ‘hiding’ here?

My post that is likely to be short-lived on WSW as a response to Tommy:

“This is quite the … expected … announcement. Although I like the enthusiasm shown here PTC is basically WSW without Cornette, Brady, or Bolin. This will work for some and not for others.

Tommy has also graciously thanked those who have contributed positively or constructively via the comments section of … wait a minute … that’s not the case at all is it? Methinks that WSW contributors have been flipped the fierro-bird. Ouch. Did you think that maybe people posting on your website can be a good thing and they are putting forth an effort into WSW?

Tommy, take a closer look at comments someday and grow some skin. While not every post is a flash of brilliance, a good number of posters have been interacting quite well, talked knowledgeably about (along with the trash) this business that we all are passionate about, have had mini-feuds from time to time, and have added to WSW. It should also be mentioned that if podcasters and other posters don’t like comments, then don’t read them. You do have to actually open the comments links to see them.

Podcasters like Brady and Rich both have interacted with posters in their comments section because it’s their decision and because they can take care of themselves. Behrens does well addressing comments that he feels are worth addressing in his podcast from time to time. Many of the other podcasters do not respond to posts and that’s obviously fine too.

So for all that it’s worth, I would like to thank a good number of those “Internet clowns” who have made WSW a fun place to visit. Yeah not every comment is my cup of tea either but there is obviously some passionate and knowledgeable “Internet clowns” hiding behind their computer from terrifying “Yeti” Tommy.

Although this last post bugs me (I have been meaning to do this for a while), I do thank Tommy for what WSW used to be when we had Cornette, Brady, and Bolin and the ‘clowns’ that enriched those podcasts (you know who you are) in comments sections.

Cheers (one of the Internet clowns),
Big Ern”

One Response to RIP Who’s Slamming Who

  1. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    Hey Ern good your’e back. I was tempted to write something after seeing that but thought what is the point.I was grateful to Tommy for WSW a long time ago but now it’s clear he doesn’t care about wrestling just getting himself over.Some things I will say.

    1)You got a crappy job in WWE and it didn’t pan out-Move on, that’s life. It’s full of twists and turns and not all are good.

    2) Don’t say you would have taken the job no matter what (he did) then when you realise it won’t work claim it was an ‘adult decision’ or whatever. An adult would check the cost both in money and time before taking the job.

    3) The product wasn’t totally free. It cost people time. You should be grateful to those willing to spend even a minute listening to what you have to offer.

    4) All we at WSW ever wanted was a quick update like ” sorry guys, been busy, shows will be up….” OR ” I’m taking a break” JUST BASIC COURTESY. It is easier to do that then keep coming up with stupid videos announcing your return like your’re the new messiah.

    5) Even if they were free you still had a loyal following. Don’t treat them like crap by ditching them when you feel like it,return and make it sound like you are doing them a favor. Like I said you should be grateful for every single person tuning in, promoting the site and more importantly WRESTLING which needs all the help it can get.

    Finally and my favorite…..Tommy said he would have made it in WWE because he could ‘politic’ or ‘play the game’ or whatever. Even if you are so far up your own ass you believe that, DON’T ACTUALLY SAY IT OUT LOUD ON A PODCAST….WHO DOES THAT?! Get some self respect. You sound like one of those guys who swears they could have gone pro, all the way if it hadn’t been for that thing that messed it up. You sound pathetic and lost so much positive feeling no one cares anyway. LONG LIVE THE ROOM!