TNA: On The Road To Nowhere.

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I’m guessing many of you didn’t watch the TNA PPV victory road last night. You may have heard or read about it though. I did watch it and here are some thoughts.

Bully ray vs Tommy Dreamer: I missed this one but from the recap video it looked like a simple classic hardcore match.

KNOCKOUT TAG TEAM TITLE: Sarita and Rosita def. Angelina Love and Winter: A decent match that helped remind me why TNA’s women are so much better than WWE’s. The ending seemed to get messed up when Velvet Sky overturned Winter in a roll up during a brawl outside and the ref took forever get back in the ring for the count.

MATT MORGAN VS. HERNANDEZ .First Blood: Ok I guess. I wish TNA would do more with these guys. A ‘fan’ dived in towards the end which was no sold by everyone and seemed stupid. It led to the ref getting distracted, knocked out and Hernandez busted open. He crawled to the corner where I thought he would put his bandana on to hide the blood. Instead he squirted Morgan with fake blood which is kind of silly but different. Again timing seemed to be off because the ref took a while to get down to the ring while the guys waited for something to happen.

ULTIMATE X: Frank Kazarian vs. Robbie E (w/ Cookie) vs. Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck: No build prior to the match apart from a quick disagreement between Bucks over who would win (It being Max birthday an all) some cool spots here and there but not a classic. Decent all the same.

TNA World Tag Champions Beer Money vs. Ink Inc: This was a good tag team match as you would expect. Both teams looked strong and had some good back and forth. The story going in was something to do with a healthy level of respect between teams. The old pros vs young upstarts. It ended with Ink Inc. in a great position to win but Shannon wanting instead to hit Storm over the head with his book of DILIGAF(?) instead of win the match and the titles(?x2) Beer Money ended up winning moments later after the double team. Jesse went to shake Beer Money’s hands but Shannon spit beer in Storms face and walked off in a mood saying Jesse is weak.

Matt Hardy(with Flair) vs. AJ Styles: In the before match interview Matt looked wasted and kept going on about being ‘cold blooded’ Well he certainly acted like it in so much as he resembled a lizard sunning itself on a rock to keep it’s body temprature up. The match wasn’t terrible but Matt looks awful. He is out of shape and lumbers around like a weird robot. He has no speed or energy and AJ seemed to do most of the work. Flair interfered as you would expect and he seemed to be ten times more into it than Matt. Eventually AJ peled Flair and then got the win after the Spiral Tap. AJ is so much better than this and should be doing a lot more. Hopefully this won’t lead to a feud. Nothing to suggest it would.

Throughout the night there were videos of Jarrett and family on honeymoon with Karen in a bad mood for some reason. I don’t know why because I hit mute whenever one of them played. No one cares

#1 Contendership: Ken Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam : Anderson won a #1 contendership match a few weeks ago against RVD and Angle but Sting won the title so Anderson isn’t #1 anymore. Moving past that I didn’t like this match. I thought these two would steal the show but the whole thing felt slow and drawn out. Maybe my expectations were too high. Either way it ended in a NO CONTEST after Anderson hit the Mic Check on the ramp and both got counted out. Yuck.

Speaking of too high…

TNA World Champion Sting vs. Jeff Hardy: Two huge names and two of the biggest in TNA. They already had this match on TV a week or two ago but now is the rematch you can pay for. If you did, you got screwed because the guys came to the ring with Sting getting a massive pop. Then Eric came out and said because ‘The Network’ suprised Hardy in the last match he would do the same to Sting and make it NO-DQ. Sting punched Eric. Jeff tried to decide whether to throw his shirt in the crowd or not and opted for not. Nothing really happened for 60 seconds then Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop for the win. The crowd chant “BULLSHIT!” and as Sting walks away he shouts just as angrily that he agrees.

-Small note: ‘Network’ or ‘Powers that Be’ angles don’t work unless there is someone to embody them like Cyrus in ECW or a real GM in WWE. Without it or a promise they will be revealed soon the whole thing sucks because the audience has nothing tangible to boo or cheer.

Someone did the math and worked out supposedly with all the people watching ‘Justins’ TV TNA lost $2.5 million. If they keep putting out shows like that they will lose a lot more because this was awful. Rumour is Jeff wasn’t fit to wrestle and Sting wouldn’t have a match with him in that state. There is no reason having seen the match to think that isn’t the case. I can’t wait to see the buy rate for their next show.

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