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Raw was awesome. OK maybe not the entirety of the show, the opening was atrocious, but Christian and Edge together, HBK making an explosive entrance and getting involved in what was the best confrontation of the night up until… The Rock. I’m not even sure what can be said about The Rock except that he made everyone including Edge/Christian, HBK, Hunter, and The Undertaker look like undercard players and he made Cena and The Miz (or however you spell his name) look like amateurs. From the moment he hit the walkway, he had the arena in the palm of his hand. Check that, he had the arena and me (and plenty of people I follow on Twitter) in the palm of his hand. After watching that last night I am really excited about Sunday night.
If I did have a complaint about it though, the actual wrestling was minimal (maybe 15 minutes out of 135) and the stuff not involving the “old” superstars was kind of meh… I actually dozed off during the Big Show and his happy band of ethnicities. But I can say this, if The Rock is going to be around more than just Wrestlemania and next night, I may very well be back on board.

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  1. Avatar Big Ern
    Big Ern says:

    No offense but ‘atrocious’ at the start? You cannot be speaking of CM Punk. That guy is gold and cannot do atrocious on his worst day. Perhaps you mean Randy Bore-ton. Yes he puts me to sleep and has been for at least a couple of years.

    The fact that the Raw was promo-heavy is very common on the go-home for Wrestlemania. As you said, it still was very good. I NEVER saw Rock and Cenanuff getting physical before WM. As good as that segment was I think that HBK (especially), CrippleH and Underseller stole the show. That promo was the best in recent memory for this sad sack.

    WM is shaping up quite nicely minus Hornswoggle’s long last cousin Snookie. I just hope that the match is quick and Snooks does a quick spot.

    Brady will likely be posting my WM predictions and I think that I went out on a limb for a couple of matches. It’s a tough one to predict this year.

  2. Avatar VinceGillett
    VinceGillett says:

    I think when CM Punk was talking was great as always but when Randle came out the whole thing fell apart.

    The lack of wrestling and increase in promos is a growing trend on both RAW and Impact (Like we care) and I don’t know if that is going to change but hopefully after WM it will.

    Not that I don’t agree it was great but I think when/if Rock returns full time the “He’s back!” bubble will burst quite quickly especially if he is mainly working with Cena and constantly uses his new catchphrase ‘Team Bring It.’ For me Undertaker/HHH/HBK was more enjoyable. Shawn brought the best out of them and made them raise their game (no pun) to a level they rarely get to now. Again though overuse of nicknames e.g. ‘Last Outlaw’ ruined the moment for me slightly. It’s a small detail but gets on my nerves and older guys who used to work unscripted always come off false when they are forced to keep using them.

    Oh, and I almost shed a tear when Kane did that stupid little trumpet thing.

  3. Avatar Chris
    Chris says:

    Yep, i was referring to CM Punk, as well as Orton. I found neither to be entertaining but that probably comes from not having watched Raw in about five years.

    Vince, the rumors I heard (and that’s all they are) have the Rock coming back part time and I’ve always thought he has always been able to modify his shtick on the fly better than most, so I have no fear for his (potential) return.