Wrestlemania Needs Sweet Canvas Music

Photo by WWE

Loyal followers of In The Room have likely heard discussion of having HBK referee a match at Wrestlemania XXVII. However, many Internet wrestling websites have been reporting that Steve Austin will be named the special guest referee for the Lawler Vs Cole match. As a wrestling fan, I can only hope that the WWE decides to leave Austin off the card. If Austin were placed into the match, this would only serve as promotion for the upcoming Tough Enough premier. There is very little logical reason for the rattlesnake to play a part in this match. Forcing him into the match would come off as nothing more than an attempt to stack the card by offering Rock and Austin at Mania.

WWE needs to work HBK into the match between Undertaker and Triple H, this is the only way it comes off as unpredictable. HBK has contributed a promo to the feud that came across far better than what either man added to the buildup. Adding HBK into this match would make it appear more realistic. Wrestling could strive to provide compelling television; WWE can achieve this by adding the element of HBK to the match. Playing up a struggle between doing the right thing and helping his friend would add layers to this conflict and help to create some memorable moments. Mania needs some sweet canvas music, Austin as a referee would be a wasted opportunity for something much bigger.

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