Big Things Poppin’

Photo by WWE

Hey guys. This week has been kicking my ass. I’ll still be updating the site very soon, so please bear with us. Expect lots more great columns and podcasts coming your way shortly, including a special edition of IN THE ROOM with ECWA booker Joe Zanolle and a new, regular draft-special edition of IN THE ROOM with former WWE, WCW, and Global star Barry Horowitz on Thursday. All that, plus all the other content you’ve come to know and love.

So PLEASE … check back!

7 Responses to Big Things Poppin’

  1. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    “The Winner” on In the Room! Probably the last great “name” jobber wrestling has had.

  2. I think Barry was my favorite interview … technically speaking.

  3. Did Barry wrestle in Global at the same time as WWF? I could swear there were days that I could turn on some odd cable network and catch him winning a championship in one company from someone like Jerry Lynn, but then I’d turn back to WWF and he’s jobbing to guys like Virgil.

  4. I don’t believe so, Neil. I think those stays were separated by about eight months. Perhaps he did work the occasional WWF match while in Global though, that never really came up. What happened was he injured his neck in the 1980’s while working for McMahon and was taken off the road. While he was gone they decided not to bring him back. So when he came back later that year he went to Global and some other places instead. He returned to the WWF in the early 1990’s, then jumped to WCW when they didn’t renew his deal. He was with WCW until it closed.

  5. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    My guess is its possible that he did the occasional spot WWF match when they did a taping in the Texas area. I think that happened alot with certain guys in smaller companies and I remember in the dying days of the AWA guys like Buck Zumhofe and Jake the Milkman showing up on PTW or Superstars as a squash guy. Im not sure if anyone at Global would have cared anyway, but if they did Im sure they felt the fanbase would understand that Barry was a LH that was losing to heavyweights and that it was to be expected.

  6. I might have to call and ask him about that, because I’m curious. Umm … I didn’t think they went much outside the northeast portion of the US back then, just a few stops between Baltimore and Boston, and mostly focused on doing TV in Allentown and Poughkeepsie for tapings unless it was a ppv. Could be off by a couple years on that though.

  7. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    Im curious too so I went to the WWF results website and Barry was definitely working in the WWE in 1992 as a TV job guy while during his 2nd run as champ in Global (March of 1992), but did no tapings when he was going after the belts the month before. Considering how scattered those shows were on ESPN and how the WWF would tape so much in advance they were probably airing him on both programs at the same time very often.