All Your Eggs In The Wrong Basket.

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If you listened to ITR this week (why wouldn’t you?) they brought up a very good point I think a lot of people agree with which is that in the top two promotions, the two biggest and most well crafted feuds just happen to revolve around people no one gives a damn about. This leads to two questions. First, why are they doing it? And secondly, why can’t they put all that effort somewhere else where it is needed?

First off TNA’s #1 angle which ironically is the Jarrett-Angle angle. Now I have said before that I am not the biggest fan of angles that revolve around wrestlers real life problems. I have heard many people say that any angle like that can be a good angle if it sends the right message to the audience and maybe there is some truth to that. Maybe even some R-Truth if you have read what WWE is going to do with that smoking angle. My point is nothing good can come from an angle about what is basically a long drawn out divorce/workplace romance mess. It is classic exploitation and that is all. Internet fans who heard about the whole thing before it became public will get excited to see if any shoot stuff happens but other than that who cares? People still like Kurt for the most part but no one really cares about Jeff Jarrett and they especially don’t care about Karen Angle. People like to say pro wrestling is a ‘soap opera’ and it is, but every soap good or bag has crap storylines every now and then and this would be one of them.

On their Lockdown match which I think most people thought/hoped would be the decider, it was very entertaining in some ways and typically stupid in several others. Firstly I think a new rule needs to be put into action and it is this:


This is for his benefit as much as ours. I can think of four cage matches Kurt got involved in that were bad for him in some way. First there was the one where Kurt was meant to interfere in a cage match between Brock Lesnar and Vinnie Mac which went horribly wrong when Kurt couldn’t open the door and had to climb up the outside while everything came to a screeching halt. Then there was the one between him and Chris Benoit where both essentially tried to see who could be crazier and hurt themselves the most (history will show Kurt lost that one overall). Then came the match Kurt had with Mr Anderson at last years Lockdown which was pretty brutal and made it clear Kurt had clearly given up on that whole ‘physical well being’ thing most of us seem to care about, shown best by him moonsaulting off the top of the cage. Finally there was this years Lockdown in which Kurt was equally psychotic if not a bit more so. Not only did he perform a hurricanrana off the top rope where he almost broke his neck AGAIN but he also did another cage top moonsault.

On a side note, why does Kurt do moonsaults? I heard him joke once that Lesnar could hit a shooting star press across a ring time after time but when the moment came for him to do it on one of the defining nights of his career he froze and messed it up. Well Kurt has never done a great moonsault. The only time I think of ‘Kurt Angle Moonsault’ and ‘hit’ I also think ‘Hardcore Holly’ and ‘broken arm’ so maybe he should consider giving them up for a bit.

As you would expect from a TNA anything, it ended poorly. A major problem with cage matches where the point is the heel can’t escape, is the door. Having it so the point is the heel is going to try and escape while the face tries to get revenge is fine. The problem comes when the face has the match won but chooses to re-enter the cage from a winning position. So many times I have seen that situation and so many times it has pissed me off. I know it is meant to create tension but it is stupid. There was literally nothing stopping Kurt from walking down two steps, winning the match then doing a 180 and going back in the cage seconds later. Angle going back in to hurt Jarrett some more and ending up losing the match just makes him look stupid. It is kind of like ‘Autumns Piano’ (look it up). He could have had both. If the door wasn’t there and you had to climb out of the cage to win, this whole thing would make a bit more sense. Standing on the top of the cage and seeing a match won on one hand and revenge on the other makes some kind of sense because then Kurt would be forced to choose which one he wanted instead of just not winning and beating Jarret up some more.

Alas, it seems this feud will continue thanks to Karen Angle and ‘Some Kind Of Spray!!!’ If you have read any spoilers, it seems TNA are going to try and either give Angle a girlfriend or bring up the not so secret rumor of him cheating on Karen with Angelina Love. I’m sure it will be great. Everything else will suck but people won’t care once they see this.

Next there is WWE and their best feud, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Considering this is their hottest feud they have done a great job of slowly killing it. Instead of having Cole lose and get his ass kicked at Mania they just used that as a chance to further the storyline which no one wanted to see. In fact all of Mania seemed to just be another part of a bigger storyline. Triple H vs Undertaker was basically building a match down the line and even the main event was basically just setting up next years main event (?) Remember when WWE PPVs had closure to them? Me neither.

No matter what, this needs to stop. Cole is too annoying and basically takes up more of WWE programming than Cena and Orton combined. It isn’t fun anymore so please let it die. Use that energy to build new stars and give titles meaning again.

While I’m here a few words on Cole getting ‘Knighted’. I changed channel when his foot came out but saw before and after. Several people have commented on the London crowd’s reaction to the fake Queen. Obviously I can’t speak for everyone and I wasn’t there but I put it down to two things:

1) It isn’t often we get to see much pro wrestling over here so we will go along with whatever we get which in some ways is the general mood of all WWE fans.

2) The whole Queen/Royal family thing is so boring and cliche I imagine a lot of fans were just thinking “Really? You’re actually going to do the whole British people/Queen bit? Okay. Whatever”

There are so many better ways to get heat and take the piss out of us over here. Try harder.

And I heard quite a few people say that Mason Ryan didn’t have a match or get over because WWE didn’t want the British fans to cheer for him when he is a heel. To those people I would say, London is in England. Mason Ryan is from Wales. They are different countries. Look up Britain, England and Wales and the relationship between those things. If you thought people didn’t care about the Queen whether she was real or fake, you have no idea how little a random London audience would care about someone who just happens to be Welsh let alone a Welsh guy who uses too much product and hair looks like it’s plastic. And he is in Nexus and who gives a damn about them.

Regardless, WWE keep showing signs they know how to build up fueds, storylines and matches AND have them be entertaining at the same time. I feel the only reason they don’t do it more often is because of this never ending quest to be taken seriously as an entertainment organization. They always were except we just used to call it wrestli…oops! Forgot we don’t use that word anymore.

4 Responses to All Your Eggs In The Wrong Basket.

  1. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    i think jarrett is from the old school mentality of shoving a feud down the fans throats and they will like it, why does jarrett have to always be the focus, man, they can do better if jarrett steped away, are they bringing back planet jarrett also that gimmik stunk! they expect us to mark out about the whole ex wife issue, but yea no one cares.

    • Avatar VinceGillett
      VinceGillett says:

      Yeah I agree that Jarrett is old school and I never had too much problem with him being the top heel like he was years ago but enough is enough. If TNA are so determined to use him like that they should put him against up and comers.

      Maybe this is just a plan to get as much money out of TNA and Panda Energy before it goes bust. I don’t know how much Karen and the kids get paid if anything but I wouldn’t be suprised if they found a way to make more money out of it.

  2. Your right – People like to say pro wrestling is a ‘soap opera’ … but it can’t be all stage acting. The wrestlers do get hurt and some of them very badly. I like watching certain matches that are one on one, but prefer it tag team fights.

  3. Good questions. First, why are they doing it? And secondly, why can’t they put all that effort somewhere else where it is needed? But, really, us die hard fans don’t care in a way. Feuds are exciting, though as you said, cage matches can be a fail. What do we expect? Sheer entertainment. Watching it is a great way to spend an hour or so in front of the TV. There is indeed a lot of improvement to be made, and I guess that will come along soon.

    Michael Ramnani