How long will Kharma last in the womens division?

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We seen the promo’s of a lady tearing off a dolls head or ripping her legs, knowing it’s the debut of former TNA knockout, Kong now called Kharma.  But looking at Kharma and than looking at the Divas, will the Diva division be able to hold Kharma for along time?  Can Diva’s like Brie Bella or Eve Torres hold the likes of Kharma, Kharma is 272 pounds, most of the WWE Divas only weigh 175 to 125 pounds, so how in the hell are they going to get this little woman down?  Most of the WWE Divas are super models, look at Layla; all she can do is tossing the others by their hair.  Kharma’s one strip of hair weighs as much as Layla, and as for any punches or moves Layla has, I am sure won’t hurt Kharma in anyway.  Maybe Beth Phoenix; or Natalya might hold a challenge for Kharma but Kharma will punch them into retirement. Has Gail Kim quit the WWE and entered a protection program yet?   Why compare her training to the other Divas, Still in Sweden, Malta-licensed online operator Mr Eco-friendly reported a 77% increase in Q2 revenue to SEK 114. have any of them went to Japan and competed in a Japanese wrestling company?  How many of them know Lucha Libre moves?  This Ladies and Gentleman isn’t your hair and make-up; swim suit poser, and she isn’t going to dress as a loveable mascot.

Once Kharma has demolished the Diva’s division; could she move on to capture the Intercontinental or the U.S. title?  Why in TNA she wanted to take on Big Poppa Pump and never backed down.  She wanted to beat Bubba the Love Sponge into pieces and never truly accepted Hogan’s apology.  Kharma isn’t an ass kisser she is a butt kicker, and would fair well in matches against Daniel Bryan, Santino and I believe Kharma could even give Sheamus a run for his money?  But WWE would probably hide behind the activists and protest; they couldn’t have a woman vs. a man.  I don’t think Kharma will have any troubles against the women, but WWE might have a hard time keeping her from defending from the likes of The Miz, Cena or even Del Rio.  WWE might want to start their own witness protection plan once Kharma has arrived.

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  1. i think she will get a run for about 2 or 3 months, but if the wwe crowd dont like her she might get axed quicker then that, the only diva on the roster that could in theory match up is the glamazon!

  2. I think Kong will be a disappointment to the fans, but mostly bc nothing WWE does for her will make them feel like WWE used her right. They will most likely avoid big matchups with Beth Phoenix, Nattie, and Gail Kim, at least for now. I do expect some goodness out of Karma/Eve…

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