I Can’t Believe I Missed It

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Just got to watch the speech. I really liked it and  want to see what he does on SmackDown.


It has been pretty difficult for me to watch wrestling for the past 2 months now. With the change over to entertainment and that nonsense, along with the horrific garbage that is going on in TNA, I haven’t been able to do it. Sure I tuned in when The Rock was on, but dude, it’s The Rock.

Last night I turned it on to hear Wade Barrett complaining about The Corre, when Santino came out and created APPLE. When Cole said that this was going to be the pits, I admit, I started laughing, but changed the channel. Its not that I don’t love wrestling anymore, I do. It is my favorite thing. To me, it is just heartbreaking to watch something with so much potential, come out awful. I’ll just use WWE as an example. The amount of time they take away from the show to play recaps and movie premieres, and toot-your-own-horn did-you-know-facts, I just can’t do it. I can DVR it and fast forward to bits and pieces. But it literally hurts my brain to watch a full two hours and seven minutes, which translates to less than an hour and twenty minutes of new material? (just guessing)

So anyway, I hear Edge retired this morning. Read all the articles, the recap and goodbyes. And I missed it. Probably my favorite of all time. I own his 600-dollar R-Rated belt for Christ’s sake. I didn’t even order Wrestlemania. I couldn’t. The card was rubbish and it was all about “entertainment.” Now, if we knew Edge was retiring, would I have ordered it? Damn right I would have. I almost feel guilty for missing his last match and the retirement.

Edge is a great superstar. His career was amazing. Edge and Christian were one of the best working and funniest teams ever. I watch promos of them with my brother all the time. His single’s career as The Rated Superstar was phenomenal as well. I remember the One Night Stand PPV he was on when he tagged with Lita and Foley against Dreamer, Funk, and Beulah McGuillicutty. He pinned Beulah by humping her. BRILLIANT. It was incredible and built tons of heat right after.

It were little things like that which made him great. Not every superstar can do things to build or advance their character and get over with the fans. (There’s actually someone on the top 10 I’m working on who is sick at this, who you will see sometime in the next week.)

Another thing about Edge that stood out to me as an observer, was the type of veteran he was. He put guys over & he didn’t seem greedy. The guy was a class act. I mean, there was the whole Lita thing, but who knows the whole story anyway.

But I missed it. The one segment that is completely surprising and important to me and I didn’t DVR it.  And I blame the writers and the company direction for it. It’s like a joke, but in a way I’m being completely serious. For someone who has been a diehard for 27 years, how can I have this feeling for WWE. Is the kid friendliness? I don’t think so. X-Men cartoon still rocks and it was geared towards kids. It’s the amount of nothingness that happens.

So now, I am going to watch the retirement speech and get upset. After proof reading this of course.

I know this article is all over the place, but it was a pseudo rant. I’m sorry if it sounds like I hate WWE, I don’t. I just feel like an adult with a child. I’m not mad, just disappointed.

So I’m going to leave you with the awesomeness of One Night Stand…

(pretty appropriate song too… for the circumstances.)

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