IN THE ROOM with Philadelphia Attorney Tim Graham-2

On this week’s uncensored IN THE ROOM, Brady Hicks welcomes Philadelphia attorney Timothy Graham to settle a legal debate 10+ years in the making: Was Triple-H really at fault for convincing Rikishi to run over Steve Austin all those years ago?!? Plus, Hicks, DJ, and Kevin McElvaney discuss TNA Lockdown and its aftermath, talk more extensively about Edge’s retirement, and take a look at other wacky items from the world of wrestling. Thanks for the support!

4 Responses to IN THE ROOM with Philadelphia Attorney Tim Graham

  1. Avatar patpiper
    patpiper says:

    I still love you, my portly little sausage.

  2. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    I may have not have been very sober when I listened to this but I thought this weeks show was fucking hilarious. Brady you need to get Lionel Hutz on as much as possible. Having you try and be semi-serious, kev watered down doing his thing and DJ…being DJ was great.

    And TNA PPV recaps are always great especially done in the style of whoever runs their website.

    • Thanks Vince. I thought the show was hilarious too!

      • Avatar Vince G
        Vince G says:

        I just thought, I have a strange feeling the main reason you brought that whole topic up was so that when someone does something to Tommy you won’t get blamed. Don’t worry, we got your back.