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This week, well-known wrestling trainer Kevin Knight joins Brady Hicks IN THE ROOM to talk about his IWF Wrestling school, some of its past students, and his current, most high-profile student: The Jersey Shore‘s Angelina Pivarnick. What does Knight think of Angelina and her true dedication to becoming a full-time wrestler? Tune in to find out. All that, plus, Brady and Kevin McElvaney talk Edge’s possible retirement, WrestleMania fallout regarding Trish Stratus, and TNA/”Network” nonsense. Best wishes for DJ to get some sleep and come back refreshed!

On How Serious Angelina Is:
She said she wants to give it a serious go and do some training the proper way and do more than one or two handsprings like Snookie did. I’m sure Snookie’s training consisted entirely of a few small things to help get her through what she had to do at WrestleMania. Maybe one day, [Angelina] will be able to do a really good singles matchon her own.

On How Angelina Is Coming Along:
She’s been training here for about two weeks, and usually in that time you get a pretty good idea – and this goes for the guys in the school too – if a person is going to make it. She has proven she’s not afraid to hit that mat, to take bumps. She wasn’t afraid to get in there and mix it up and get tossed around. And I believe her only previous athletic experience was playing softball. She never did gymnastics or anything like that. When a lot of the women come to the school they are like, “Wait a minute, I have to fall down?” But with her that wasn’t a problem, and that was good.

On Angelina’s Wrestling Knowledge:
Obviously it’s helpful for a trainee to be a fan not just of wrestling, but of the business as a whole. You have to understand about the falls and the takedowns, what is in the business and how the business works, and how to best connect to an audience for the enterainment aspect of it. The more of a fan you are of the business, the better off you are. As for Angelina, I don’t know how much she has been a fan of wrestling in the past, but I know she is a HUGE fan of the current product, and that is great to see.

On Angelina’s REAL Personality (vs. TV Persona):
I guess it was good that I’ve never seen her on that show. I’ve seen all the commercials and the hype for it and the clips and the controversy, but I had no pre-conceived notion of what to expect. I’ve heard things about her personally but I have not had any complaints at all. From the beginning she just fit right in and was very down to earth and willing to learn. She fit in right away and every body liked her. That’s very important because professional wrestling is about working together to convince the audience about what they’re seeing. She’s been fine. She’s fit right in and blended right in and not acted like she was any type of “celebrity.”

On the Importance of Looking the Part:
I think it’s been detrimental to the business when people look on TV and see a guy like CM Punk, who doesn’t necessarily live in the weight room. I’m not taking anything away from CM Punk, it’s just that there is only one CM Punk. It’s like every football team, there is that one fighting guy who is 5’6″, but he is the rare exception. People think “I could go and do that.” But, no you can’t. That’s what hurts the wrestling business. That’s what makes our school differnt. We try to find guys who look the part. That’s what wrestling needs to be. That’s important.

All that, plus Kevin Knight checks in with his thoughts on training men such as TNA’s Robbie E and WWE’s Darren Young, the state of the current business, the need for more real, legitimate wrestling trainers, and information about his upcoming clinic with WWE’s Tom Pritchard. More information is available at

“Kevin Knight does a great job of training future stars of sports entertainment. To make it in professional wrestling today is tough, because there are no more minor leagues. This is why what Kevin does is the future of the sport. Kevin has the best facility and methods for training I have ever seen. I wish I had this when I started.”–John Bradshaw Layfield.

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  1. Hey guys, great episode, very interesting interview with Kevin Knight. On the crazy Billy Graham part, there was a video documenting the reason why he didn’t want Abdulah apart of the Hall of Fame ceremonies at despite his credibility taking quite a few shots with all of his rather pointed words at random bookers and more recently Chris Jericho.

    Anyway keep up the great work guys, eagerly anticipating the next ep.

  2. Avatar BigErn
    BigErn says:

    I liked this episode guys. It must be hard to open a wrestling school these days with the biz being where it is and all of these ‘fly by night’ operations (and remain reputable). Kudos to Kevin K.

    I cannot even begin to remember what matches are on Lockdown but I suffer through TNA every week so I suppose that my predictions will be as good as anybody else’s.

    As far as Drew Carey and the WWE HOF go, I get a kick out of the criticism of him going into the HOF. There was egg on the face of wrestling fans when he practically got booed out of the building. Brady and Kevin did not criticize this of course but sooo many other folks did.

    To those folks that ranted about Drew going into the WWE HOF, it is the CELEBRITY WING, people!! He is not held in the same regard as Michaels or Flair! Drew showed nothing but respect for the performers, ‘wrestled’ in the Rumble, and was humble in his speech. I was embarrassed to be a ‘sports entertainment/wresting fan’ that night. Hats off to Drew for showing respect and humility and a nod from a Hollywood staple to the WWE that Vinnie Mac wants so bad.

    Does anybody else think that akbaz is simply talking to himself (creating comments under different names) in his comments section? It just seems that the contributors have the same knack for vocabulary (for the most part) as the honored akbaz himself.

    • Avatar bill
      bill says:

      dont be jealous of mr akbaz’s show its not his fault hes interesting and your snoozer essays on shit isnt

      • Avatar BigErn
        BigErn says:

        Damn you got me bill (or crapbaz or whoever you are). I have a deep-seeded jealousy here. I am very sorry that you find anything more than a line or two a very challenging read. Please continue to listen to podcasts about jerkwire, one’s nasty habits when by himself, and his thoughts on the opposite gender (too many hang-ups there for crapbaz IMHO). There are PLENTY of podcasts like crapbaz’s but you won’t find them on reputable sites, ‘bill’.

        Then again, when I am addressing ‘bill’ I feel that I am address the great mrakbaz as well. Either that or I weep for the future. Tune into the said podcast later this week for solo techniques and an interesting, one-man debate on when it’s a shake and when it’s a jerking. bill will be there with bells on.

  3. Avatar VinceGillett
    VinceGillett says:

    I thought it was a really funny show this week even though DJ was absent. I had heard of Kevin Knight but didn’t really know much and thought the interview was really interesting. I would love to see Angelina make a go of it.

    The WWE HOF is another thing people need to get over. Firstly complaining someone didn’t wrestle under WWE contract is stupid. WWE sees itself as the sole owner of all pro wrestling history so what company someone actually worked for is irrelevant to them. Secondly, everything WWE is what you want to see in it. If you want to see it as something prestigious look at the guys in it like Flair,Hogan,HBK etc.If you see it as entertainment than guys like Drew shouldn’t bother you. WWE try and please as many people as they can and they don’t care if one section doesn’t like another as long as both tune in.

    Not to sound like I’m kissing ass but I think it is really cool all the work Brady and co have done the last few months with the Super 8, iproving the site and just adding to indy wrestling in general. It beats what Tommy is doing and is certainly more fun so from that point of view you guys are winning. I am still really looking forward to Super 8 (April’s best wrestling PPV) and though the brackets for the first round havn’t been finalized I still see a Ciampa/Aries final or at least one of them getting there. I can’t wait to see what Shockwave has up his sleeve aswell.

    • Who’s going to win it all, Vince?

      • Avatar VinceGillett
        VinceGillett says:

        My dream would be a Tommaso/Aries final which(after a hard fought battle) Tommaso FINALLY wins. I think if Austin decides to retire after that it would be sad but a pretty cool way to go. TOMMASO CIAMPA FOR THE WIN.

        That said I won’t be at all suprised when Adam Cole or Sami Callihan win it.

  4. Avatar VinceGillett
    VinceGillett says:

    Who do people think will go to SD to cover for Edge? I wouldn’t be suprised if it is no one major or that no one at all does in which case SD will basically have become WWECW version 3(?)

    Could Cena jump shows for a bit? I know that sounds unlikely but it would help freshen both shows and lets not forget SD is The Rocks show.

    And it is funny how there isn’t a situation R-Truth can’t ruin. He is a decent guy but I wish they wouldn’t keep shoe-horning him into the main event scene. Hopefully it isn’t down to a demographic thing.

    • I would imagine they’ll roll with Del Rio, Mysterio, Christian, Show, and Kane, try pushing Barrett, Kofi, and McIntyre, and maybe bring a guy over from Raw, such as Morrison.

      • Avatar BigErn
        BigErn says:

        PUSH CHRISTIAN please (finally). I realize that he’s not Vince’s poster boy but perhaps Vince can make up so many lost years of potential. Put Kane’s mask back on and let him tear it up. Oh wait, I covered that already. Re-push Barrett as they were before. While you’re at it build Slater and Gabriel back up as they are good at what they do. Morrison and Sin Cara (before the next botched entrance is shown live) would be great fits for Smackdown as well as anybody else who is wasted on Raw.

        I like Brady`s suggestions but would keep Show as a badass heel without a huge push (less exposure). In fact, the best use of Show was with Jericho and Miz in their respective tag teams (more Jericho). That`s the last program that Show did where I found him remotely entertaining and used well.

        So, have Del Rio, Christian, Kane, and Barrett feud for the World Title (a mix of them to start) … maybe a heel JoMo as well.

        Have Barrett drop the IC title to perhaps Sin Cara to start up Cara and free up Barrett to chase the World Title. Have McIntyre and Kofi in this mix along with other mid-carders. Better yet, put the IC title on someone like Kane (if it`s not too low for him) and have him KEEP IT for a year to build up some cred and make him a monster heel.

        I don`t agree with Cenanuff staining Smackdown but it`s an interesting suggestion. I would say take somebody like Morrison or Punk (if they don`t use him correctly) as my first choices to go to Smackdown.

        Yep, that`s all I want. Maybe it will happen and maybe Rachel Weisz will answer my letters and show up on my doorstep ;) … just a bit of sarcasm there.

        • Avatar Vince G
          Vince G says:

          Some good ideas. The only reason I say move Cena a while is because I can’t see him chasing the title on Raw for a year being anything new or interesting at this point. Like JoMo said Cena/Orton has been done. Cena/Nexus has been done and there is no one that can credibly challenge him other than that, certainly not R-Truth!

          To me SD has too many kid friendly faces on which isn’t in itself a bad thing but it seems to really limit what they can do. Every one of them just seems to turn up, get the pop, do their signature/finisher and leave…or get squashed every single week. To me all the most entertaining characters and best mic workers are heels. Kofi is great in the ring but I couldn’t care less about him because he bores me. When him and Orton had a mini feud and he started to show more of his character I liked him and had hope he would go to that next level but instead he just stays where he is and is little more than than a slightly more popular Shelton Benjamin.

          Also Edge was really the only guy on that brand that could give the title any credibility. With him gone and dropping the title as opposed to losing it, whoever wins it and whoever challenges won’t look strong. Rey can’t be a decent champion, you know how I feel about how Kane has been treated (and is face now?) and Show is over as a face and has been for a while.

          I had actually gotten over and mourned Nexus.When they showed up on RAW I was so depressed. At least The Corre can show what they can do on SD but New Nexus are just Punk’s lackeys. Mason Ryan won’t be champ like Batista. His mic skills are awful (not helped by a welsh accent) and like everyone else he is a non-entity. They have to come a with a new way to use those guys otherwise they will just end up going back to FCW or FEW (Future Endeavour Wrestling)

          • I disagree about Rey … the underdog champion like that is about the only thing that is guaranteed to work. I like Rey as champion way better than Kane. The bottom line though is the only way to get guys over quickly is to have them beat quality competition, which is difficult to do on Smackdown right now.

  5. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    I would agree Brady except 2 things. 1) Had any of Reys World title runs been anywhere near decent and made him look good(even he doesn’t like his first one) and B) Rey hasn’t been a credible underdog in a while. He goes over pretty much everyone quite a lot of the time and since there isn’t a Batista or Undertaker to powerbomb him through the ring who is there for him to fear right now. Cody won’t be champ anytime soon. And having the two top champs in WWE look weak would make the whole company look really stupid.

    • Again, these are longterm problems they have been subjected to by the mass exodus of talent. I sincerely believe that Rey has the best name value on Smackdown right now, aside from Taker.

      If I were booking for Smackdown I would move JoMo over to and make him a bully of sorts, targeting Rey in particular. Maybe even pair him with Show. That’s just me though. Probably the best answer is to eliminate brands for right now. The depth has never been worse.

      • Avatar Vince G
        Vince G says:

        I don’t dispute Rey being one of if not the top guy on SD but it’s getting to the point where him and Undertaker are exactly that JUST NAMES. To me Undertaker is now firmly in the Mick Foley ‘turn up every 9 months or so and I’ll do my best bracket’. Edge was the lynchpin that held the brand together. He was versatile and could work with everyone and untill recently was thought to be in decent health.

        Rey is great but I think most would agree WWE could have used and marketed him so much better than they have done. Sure he is big but he could have been much bigger and a real champion. Sometimes it seems like they go back to the old “Small guys can’t be top guys” mentality and I wouldn’t be suprised if he felt like he was back in WCW. To me at this point in his career he is just being let out to pasture while Sin Cara gets ready to take over (and hopefully one day clear the top rope).

        • I don’t know that I agree with you at all my friend. WCW’s handling of Rey, sure … But WWE is the company that made him a champion. Sure, they could have done more (they almost always can), but I think they’ve done a very respectable job with him over the years.

          • Avatar BigErn
            BigErn says:

            Just quickly, Kane has been booked as a joke forever but he could have been a very meaningful SmackDown champ at this time as a strong heel. Think Undertaker but he’s hardly ever injured and can work matches (not just a great one once a year). I am sounding like a broken record on that one. I wonder if (they won’t) Kane could be booked one more nasty heel champ run … maybe it’s the shrooms talking since they blew it last year but mask him again after some incident and have him decimate to the title. I am dreaming now. My point is Kane has been booked as a joke but COULD have been a stronger and more convincing champ than Rey.

            In the meantime, the perfect substitute for Edge is a man who I feel is equally talented in his own way but doubtfully near coming back … Chris Jericho. Even though they are different I think of them as equally talented at their own schtick and Jericho can be fit into most places that Edge was (heel Edge especially). Jericho would be the perfect band aid solution IMHO.

            They totally dropped the ball on Nexus and Corre. Who wants to see the original Nexus the way they were? Me, please!

          • Avatar mrakbaz
            mrakbaz says:

            at least Rey got a push to world champion, you think it was an emotional thing because eddie recently died,and rey his best friend got the belt? If jericho came back that means christian would get the shaft again at the world title, i hope jericho takes a break…..Give the peeps a title run at least for a month damn, they gave the world title to jack swagger not so long ago, jack freaking swagger!

          • Avatar Vince G
            Vince G says:

            I know what you mean but… with Rey the whole perception=reality thing gets a bit skewed. To me for the last few years at least, who he is presented as being and how WWE actually use him are two different things. From the few things I have read about his mood at the moment (taken with a pinch of salt) and what I have heard him say in the past, it seems like he is tired of being told he is the biggest ever mexican star and that he is the face of SD and yet when it comes down to it Cena is always the main event on Raw, he is made to look that way and he gets all the glory. Rey should be like that on SD but instead he has never had a meaningful title run, he hasn’t been a serious main event player in a while and far too often just gets used to make up the numbers. How many times has he just been thrown into 6 or 8 man tags for no reason or battle royal/#1 contender matches/elimination chambers with no hope of winning because he is in a mid card feud with someone else who also gets thrown in for the hell of it. If I was Mexico’s greatest ever as well as one of the best high flyers and the face of a brand I would expect a bit more time on top and tangible recognition. Me, and from the sounds of it Rey don’t think he gets that.

            I could be totally wrong but that is how it comes across to me. I think Rey cares more about pleasing his fans now and doing the best he can for younger guys while he still can than being a WWE poster child.

  6. Anarchea on TNA…is Matt “Lowrider” Barella from OVW

  7. Avatar Neil
    Neil says:

    Dude, whenever your in a traffic accident, regardless of how minor the damage… always, always, ALWAYS get a police report. ESPECIALLY if the other party says that they don’t want to.