KUMming Soon-2

KUM: To some it’s an enigma. To others it’s a fun way to spend some free time. Hi, my name is Brady Hicks and I am the founder of the Kickass Ultimate Massacre. Last year I was looking for an email federation that was different. I wanted to create my own characters, but I wanted to give these characters the freedom to speak their mind. To my knowledge, no such email league has ever existed. That’s why I created the KUM. It started out as a joke between some friends, but the success and popularity of KUM has risen to a level I never could have anticipated. Together with friends I take great pride in producing, in the words of subscribers, “the best damn email federation around.” Sure, we’ve had some trouble getting publicity, but if you’re taking the time to read this then our efforts were not a failure. If you are currently a member of KUM take this time to enjoy all that is the Kickass Ultimate Massacre. If not, give us some thought about joining. We’re having one hell of a ride… — Brady Hicks. September 1998


For more information on the return of KUM Wrestling on thebradyhicks.com, e-mail us at: intheroompodcast@gmail.com.

2 Responses to KUMming Soon

  1. Avatar Tim
    Tim says:

    FINALLY… Tim “The Bull” Poole HAS COME BACK… to KUM wrestling.

  2. Avatar Todd
    Todd says:

    I’m looking forward to urinating on another dictator’s flag again.