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*WARNING* This contains an irrelevant spoiler that may not even happen but people still have a reason to whine and complain about it.

You know something; I said I wouldn’t be back to write anything on here unless I had anything to say that didn’t mean I would spoil or repeat anything I said on my show but I guess now is the time.

So we’re all a part of this big group known the world over as “The Internet Wrestling Community” driven by the obvious: WRESTLING. Now about 10 years ago before now I would have been watching wrestling for just under a year and I had yet to discover the magic of the internet. Think about it: NO old wrestling (apart from tapes because it was an age before DVDS, well for me at least), NO spoilers and no whining and complaining on twitter!!

So it brings me to about an hour ago and I find something along the lines of “WTF Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes have been released”, so I look into it and there are no release statements on, no release statements on any news sites or dirt sheets, so I wonder whatever must be going on? So it gets to about 10-20 minutes later and I see “Joey Styles and spoil the draft” all because of the fact that some SAD SAD people with NO lives had to go and look through the profile pages on to find that they had taken Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes’ pages down and eventually they were back up and had RAW in the URL instead of Smackdown.

Now you probably ask “Well Harry, why didn’t you just unfollow them?”: Because then they will unfollow me and I won’t have my voice heard on such a larger scale as that of what I have now (well that is without the world famous podcast “What’s Wrong With Wrestling” on

OK: Moment of madness over. Onto draft predictions, I didn’t go into too much detail on my show that will be posted at a later date so if you take into account that there is usually the draft on RAW then the supplemental draft on then I will predict the following:
RAW to Smackdown:
– Alicia Fox
– Daniel Bryan
– David Otunga: So the Nexus will split
– Evan Bourne
– John Morrison
– Michael McGillicutty: So another member of The Nexus gone
– Randy Orton
– Santino Marella
– The United States Champion Sheamus
– Ted Dibiase
– Zack Ryder

Smackdown to RAW:
– Beth Phoenix
– Chris Masters
– Cody Rhodes
– Drew Mcintyre
– Heath Slater: So The Corre will split
– Jack Swagger
– Kelly Kelly
– Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett: So another member of The Corre gone.

I don’t know when I will write again but i’ll be back with my annoying voice in the same time and place as always on Thurs at 9EST.

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