What’s Wrong With Wrestling-6


Harry Barnett returns with a new attitude and another installment on What’s Wrong With Wrestling on its new night!


2 Responses to What’s Wrong With Wrestling

  1. Avatar HarryBarnett
    HarryBarnett says:

    No new attitude amigo, I have the same attitude I had 6 weeks ago (or whenever I debuted on this great site of yours).

    I just thought it was time to tone things up and show the people that listen the side I wanted the world to see, if they like it well YOUR WELCOME and if they don’t… im not even going to go their!

    Everyone around the WORLD is aware of what happened today here in England, well you will not want to miss the HUGE guest I have recorded an interview with for next week. The biggest guest in the history of Who’s Slamming Who, TheBradyHicks.com, I think this is the biggest guest in the history of a wrestling talk show! This guest isn’t wrestling related but I found out the guest is a wrestling fan.

    You’ll all just have to wait for next Friday to hear who this HUGE guest is, and I may even let Nathan come back!

  2. Avatar billyjames
    billyjames says: