A New Hope

Listen before I get any hopes up, this article will have NOTHING to do with Star Wars! Sorry Star Wars Nerds but I have a bigger issue!!

Today, I return to TheBradyHicks.com with a reason to be writing, I said I wouldn’t be back unless I had something and that day has finally come. Maybe it is the lack of entertainment that I currently have, I mean Smallville is finished and I have seen possibly every decent/good movie or TV series known to man so this may be my only way to kill time. Oh and by the way, your welcome for the variety in my shows, even when I don’t have Samoa sharing my time on the podcast I still give you the variety of entertainment such as my Smallville podcasts.

Ok, the obvious reason for me coming here today…

I come for my good reasons and I come for the sad reasons. We obviously all know of the sad news of Macho Man Randy Savage’s passing from yesterday, I’ll say the same thing I said on my podcast and when I called into the Pro Wrestling Report’s tribute show for Randy last night (which is a rare occasion as I hate repeating myself) to be honest: Randy Savage was from before my time. I started watching WWF and WCW in 2000 and by then he wasn’t around anymore but I had seen the occasional match/promo from my brothers’ old WWF videos from the late 80’s.

Randy was amazing, you really cannot put into words how great he was and I wonder if this will be the year that Vince finally puts Randy into the Hall of Fame. My best wishes and condolences go out to the entire Poffo family at this difficult time.

The good news I was referring to is GREAT news. FINALLY… WRESTLING HAS COME BACK TO TV! Ring of Honor has been sold to the Sinclair Broadcasting Group and they will be coming back to TV in September.
This is great news considering we’ve got WWE, who put on great wrestling at times but are obviously claiming they are entertainment which gives them an excuse but still they will be wrestling until they get rid of the ring. WWE will always be the #1 but they still do more than their fair share of terrible shows.
You’ve got TNA, who couldn’t put a great show on even if it was layed out in front of them and all they needed to do was record the show. The WWE lite claiming WE ARE WRESTLING or WRESTLING MATTERS again, of course wrestling matters but that isn’t because you say it does!

Ring of Honor returning to TV is great news and of course if you don’t get it in your area (much like I won’t) you can watch it on their website. I hope to God this means good things for wrestling and for Ring of Honor and I hope to God that this means I can piss on TNA’s grave!

Now before I go and do whatever it is I do, has anyone been raptured yet? HAHA what a joke. Harold Camping, if you are out their: I may not have remembered to say this on my podcast but have fun in hell!

Goodnight Brady Land.

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