Join Brady Hicks and DJ this week IN THE ROOM as they talk about a lot of the news items that have been dominating the wrestling headlines (and some that even fell under the radar). Plus, R-Truth’s push, Alex Riley’s sudden boom in popularity, WWE’s need to unify titles, Randy Savage and other Hall of Fame talk, and much, much more. Thanks for the support!

3 Responses to IN THE ROOM

  1. Avatar Brother Jermaine
    Brother Jermaine says:

    After 12 minutes into a 90 minute show, Brady says that he doesn’t know what else to talk about. I guess I’ll turn it off now instead of listening to over an hour of rambling.

  2. Works for me. Life is to short to be an avid fan of something you hate.

  3. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    I always enjoy the shows were you run out of planned talking points 15 minutes in with over an hour to go because it normally leads to things you guys have some real strong feelings on or opens up a debate. It does seem funny that after doing the show for 2 years and as a threesome for over 1, you have only just come up with the idea or having a specific topic each week. I guess the times you did that previously were just flukes.

    And Brady, how is it a guy that seems so nice gets so much heat. You have managed to part ways with Tommy, have RB turn his back and jump ship, have Kharma snub you, be part of a PPV commentary team that got slated (though not your parts) have Sid call you a liar and then have Kharma come back and call you a ‘ fat little midget’ on your own site! I think it must be that shirt of yours because nothing screams hate me as much as a pink polo.