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Match 8
I Quit Match: WWE World (Raw) Champion John Cena vs. The Miz (with Alex Riley)
I really hope I’m wrong with what I expect will happen. Miz says Riley will fight. He also says I Quit like three times in a promo, after the bell rung. So technically the match was over right away. Something tells me Miz will be saying it again in about 20-25 minutes. Hahahaha, Cena tossed into the metal barrier and when the ref asks him he looks up matter-of-factly and says, “Nope.” They do a bunch of goofy stuff like this, with Miz keep telling him, “John I have a weapon, here is a chance for you to not have so much pain put upon you,” and such, and Cena replying, “You hit like a girl.” Eventually, Cena comes back, only to be beaten down again. Miz asks a kid at ringside to tell Cena to reply. Kid screams never. I’M READY TO QUIT. HAHAHAAHA. THEY STOLE THE ROCK/FOLEY ENDING!!! Wait, they got caught. Man… Cena wins with an STF [27:46].

Match 7
Kiss My Foot Match: Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole
For the love of God, please let this match end the feud!!!  Cole in streetclothes. Tried to get out of match with “infected foot.” Hahahaha. Crowd pops as referee rips up the note. Looks to be all Lawler this time like it should have been before. Cole tries to shove grimy foot in Lawler’s face, Lawler throws him through glass announce enclosure. Lawler wins with fistdrop off second rope [2:28]. Now Eve coming out for a top-rope moonsault. Now Jim Ross comes out for a Standing 450. KIDDING. Pours bbq sauce on him and makes him drink it. That’s gotta leave a mark. Will Kong or Swagger come out as Cole backs up ramp? Wow … Bret. I was tipped off but didn’t believe it.

Match 6
World Heavyweight (Smackdown) Champion Randy Orton vs. Christian
World title match up next! And I’m sorry, but Christian does not look like a world champion.  I still want him to win, though. And wow. I was texting the Voice of Choice that there were going to be a lot of disappointed people when Orton won. They gave Christian lots of kickouts and nearfalls of his own. Oh well. Hopefully he turns soon. Orton after several reversals, with the RKO [17:38]. And the best part … they SHOOK HANDS!!!

Match 5
WWE Diva’s Champion Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella) vs. Kelly Kelly
I didn’t get to make a pick on this for the show, so I’m going out on a limb and saying Kelly wins the title due to some sort of Kharma interference. As Ratboy pointed out … there seems to be something to Kharma/Kelly. Wonder who helps the women now that Finlay is gone (and them really needing help). I think I’ll look into that. While I’m typing, Brie wins by pinfall [3:43].

Barack Obama was just on for a stupid skit, but I missed what was said. Bella time!

Match 4
WWE World Tag Champions Kane & The Big Show vs. CM Punk & Mason Ryan
Do you guys realize Punk has won in like one ppv in the last 16? I never felt like they bury him like everybody says but hot damn. Also, between Big Zeke earlier and MR right now they must really be drilling home the importance of the bodyslam in developmental. Punk with the nice Randy Savage tribute elbow drop but misses. Show with a tribute of his own to ’96 WCW’s Giant with the stupid chokeslam motion. Dbl chokelsam on Ryan for the pin [9:04].

Alberto Del Rio comes out to talk about destiny. Interrupted by Kane and Show.

Dual Christian/Orton interview … Christian has got to be turning soon!

Match 3
Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero
The match they set  up by having Daniel Bryan lose… Also, whoever decided Sin Cara can best be viewed in the dark (instead of in HD) should really be commended. With that said, I really think Sin Cara has a lot of upside, provided they don’t make him dummy himself down too much. Cara wins cleanly by pinfall [7:21].

The NEW Nexus were laid out, and CM Punk doesn’t care. See … he’s already getting ready for TNA, where you don’t have to use logic.

Match 2
Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson
Hoped we’d see a Pearl River Plunge. I really hoped. Unfortunately, what we got instead was six straight bodyslams, followed by a Nexus Corre run-in to cost Barrett the match by disqualification [7:10]. Could it really have been that bad to have your IC champion win a match cleanly, especially on a show where Sheamus is your only other real bad guy?

Match 1
R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio
R-Truth pins Mysterio … CLEANLY [8:10]. Wow. I expected him to win but I didn’t expect WWE to so fully get behind him. Hillarious promo too tmo open up the show. Imagine Truth having to park with the people. That’s got to be worse than hospital food.

WWE Over The Limit, Seattle, Washington–R-Truth pins Rey Mysterio [8:10] … Ezekiel Jackson defeats Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett by disqualification [7:10] … Sin Cara pins Chavo Guerrero [7:21] … WWE World Tag Champions Kane & The Big Show defeat CM Punk & Mason Ryan [9:04], with Show pinning Ryan following a double chokeslam … Diva’s Champion Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella) defeats Kelly Kelly [3:43] … World champion Randy Orton pins Christian with an RKO [17:38] … Jerry Lawler pins Michael Cole to defeat him in a Kiss My Foot match [2:28] … WWE World Champion John Cena defeats The Miz in an I Quit Match [27:46].

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  1. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    Good job Brady. Had I known you were doing this last night I would have used your site for updates on results. I think Id agree that Christian does not look the part of a world champ but I think he is fresher than Orton. Miz/Cena just needs to end. Its at the point where Miz screws Cena over every week to win the title, but then Riley gets caught cheating and the decision is reversed. I think this is the third restart/reversed decision they have had in a month (Mania, Raw, and now OTL). Let Miz feud with Riley to get that over with and have him go to the other show and away from Cena.

  2. Avatar RATBOY
    RATBOY says: