3 Responses to RIP Randy Savage

  1. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    It’s too soon to get cynical but I too hope WWE go about this the right way no matter what animosity may have still existed between them and Randy. It gets said a lot but it is amazing how when one wrestler goes another normally follows soon after. Randy,Scott Hall and his problems, Edge having to give up so he doesn’t end up in a wheel chair, Shane Helms and many more just this year.

    It’s amazing that after all this time people still want to see and hear from old guys like Savage, Hogan, Flair, Steamboat, Warrior etc and even though some of them we may want to see less of, Randy is really one of the first supreme legends of wrestling to go that I can remember. It kind of puts things into perspective.

    • Avatar Jason
      Jason says:

      Whats too bad is that for all of us that wanted to see and hear from the old guys that Savage never really had the opportunity to let us see it again and now we never get that chance. I know Savage had built himself up so much physically that he was nowhere near the same guy we grew up watching in the 80s and early 90s (similar to how Scott Steiner of 1999 was nothing remotely like the one in 1990), but every other guy got a chance except him. Piper came back. Hogan came back. Flair came back. Guys like Jake Roberts came back. Yet Savage never came back. The WWE wouldnt let him in and I think TNA gave him a brief look when they were doing the weekly PPVs and that was it.

      Im sure WWE will handle his death well and in a somewhat nicer manner than they did Elizabeths since they tried to use her death to put over the television show (thought that was more a burial of Luger than Liz), but he should have been given the chance to come on TV once over these last few years to get his due from the fans.

  2. Avatar stan the dick
    stan the dick says:

    no slim Jims were found in the car, thats fishy…..