IN THE ROOM Flashback: The AJ Styles Interview


Photo by Impact Wrestling

Check out this classic IN THE ROOM re-airing of the interview that put Brady Hicks and the gang on the map, got AJ Styles in a bit of heat with TNA and, ultimately, led to the changing of the show’s name and an angle on TNA television that played out with AJ frustrated by no longer being champion. It’s all here, from AJ Styles’ controversial thoughts on TNA’s new management, their treatment of him and friends such as Daniels, even AJ’s thoughts on Michelle McCool stealing his Styles Clash! AJ is a great friend of the show and we’re so happy to have his voice forever part of our IN THE ROOM legacy!

And check back next week, when (hopefully) The Wrestling Press’ Matt Roberts returns with his weekly program: Wrasslin’ Roundup.


One Response to IN THE ROOM Flashback: The AJ Styles Interview

  1. Avatar BigErn
    BigErn says:

    This was one of the best and it changed the face of PWI Weekly/ITR forever. If you have not heard it and got through all of the awesome ‘Classic PPV’ podcasts then this should be your next top priority. Just my 2.5 cents for what it’s worth. I still have this one on my MP3 player.