Money In The Bank

Before I go into any great detail, I hate writing. Absolutely despise it! Just because I think I have some sort of attention problem, I get into writing something for a few minutes then walk away to try and focus again. But the idea came to me when I was out and about earlier so I thought I would share something.

Money In The Bank:

Personally I feel The Money In The Bank concept is one of the greatest ideas to have ever been created, look at the previous winners: Edge, CM Punk, Mr Anderson (Kennedy), Jack Swagger, Kane and The Miz. All former World Champions (Kennedy obviously being the only one who didn’t get to cash it in as he lost it to Edge) and all have been or still are top stars.

Obviously we all know concepts like The Royal Rumble and King of the Ring have previously given winners a title shot at a World Champion and not every winner has won, this is why I think the Money in the Bank winner should ALWAYS successfully cash in, or at least for a very long time.

With that being said, Money in the Bank 2011 is coming up and their are alot of stars on both shows that need the next step in evolution to either get them from the bottom to the top (just like Jack Swagger in 2010) or the middle to the top like most other winners. Those possible names for future World/WWE Champions could be Alex Riley, Dolph Ziggler, John Morrison, Kofi Kingston or The Miz (Again) or on Smackdown such names as Cody Rhodes or… well NO ONE. No one else really stands out on Smackdown, I don’t care who wins the Smackdown MITB as long as it ISNT Christian.

Anyway, that lack of attention is kicking in. I have something big in store for  the show this week so come back at the usual time on Friday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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