My Thoughts On Austin Aries

Photo by Brady Hicks

I’ve said it so many times that I’ve become predictable, but it bears re-mentioning: You always want to see the good guys succeed. Austin Aries is one of the good guys. Whether his actions in the ring make you want to proudly pat him on the back or try throw your chair through his skull (I’ve seen both), “A-Double” is one of the most genuine and honest guys you will ever meet, inside – or outside – the ring. That’s why I’m really hoping this new opportunity to wrestle on Impact heading into the Destination-X pay-per-view next month will be so much more than a one-time comeback or a final goodbye.

For a long time now, Austin has referred to himself as “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived.” He has taken such pride in his body of work, as a wrestler, and his overall presentation, as a performer. He also makes no bones now in talking about how wrestlers are almost never paid as they should be for the tremendous physical sacrifices they make. The sad part is the knowledge has left him in a tough place at times.

I’ll never forget the first time I met Austin. It was at a bar after one of the South Philadelphia ROH TV tapings a few years back, and I was there with fellow Pro Wrestling Illustrated writer Jeff Ruoss, former NWA champion Adam Pearce (then a high-level ROH executive), and several of the younger guys on the roster. As we sat around with our beers and talked about the incredible action we had just seen, in walked Austin, replete with elbow-patched “professor” sportcoat and pipe sticking out of his pocket. He seemed so mild and reserved compared to the man who had been out at ringside only two hours earlier, screaming in the face of some young fan who was making a very un-PG-like hand gesture. And as he walked around the bar, red wine in hand, embracing his colleagues in tender hugs and introducing himself to those of us he did not know, it struck me so much that here was a man who carried himself as a huge star, but never forgot to stay humble.

A few months later, Austin was a guest on my IN THE ROOM Internet podcast. At the time he spoke of all of the opportunities that were out there for him as his rather successful tenure with ROH came to a close. It felt at the time like Austin was a lock to catch on somewhere, anywhere in a prominent role, whether as a wrestler each week on WWE or as the face of any number of other television projects. As I listened to the certainty and determination with which he spoke, I just knew Austin Aries was going to be a bigger name some way.

I’m sure that’s why he has been struggling for so long with which path he wants to take. I think in the back of his head, Austin always figured his talent in the ring would land him a spot with WWE someday, in spite of his smaller frame. When it was announced that WWE was casting independent wrestlers for the return of its Tough Enough program, it seemed like such a natural lock for Austin Aries that I figured it was only a matter of time until we saw it happen. For reasons I can’t really reveal – mostly because I do not understand them myself – A-Double never made it to the show as I’d expected.

With diminishing hope of eventually catching on in WWE, and Austin’s own reluctance to continue beating up his body for little compensation, retirement seemed imminent. I can now look back so proudly on getting to catch up with Austin in the Philadelphia area last April at the ECWA Super 8 tournament for what I feared at the time might be the last time ever. Other than a few commitments with Dragon-Gate USA and EVOLVE, the tourney was really about all he had left at the time, and it was nice to see Austin Aries the performer bring his career full circle after a 2004 Super 8 event that helped get him notoriety. I also relished sitting and talking with my friend for hours … knowing it could be my last chance.

When I got an e-mail the other day telling me Austin would appear on Impact I was elated for him. Austin Aries has been working for so long to better himself that I was left baffled when it seemed there really might not be that happy storybook ending to Austin Aries’ tale.

In the company formerly known as TNA, A-Double has the chance to remind wrestling fans around the world why he was once considered one of the top men in his profession, and to show the whole locker room just how brilliant of a guy he really is.

Will this stint on Impact will result in just a few more matches, and a chance to get to say goodbye on an international stage? Or could it be the beginning of a rebirth that will place him back to the same level as comparable peers such as AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Christopher Daniels, as I think he deserves? Who knows? I do think that If they reward him for all of the hard work I know he will give, we might actually be on track for a new chapter in the Austin Aries story.

And that might be the greatest part yet.

5 Responses to My Thoughts On Austin Aries

  1. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    I was surprised to see him on tna i had just seen him live about a month ago at the NWA hollywood show in Los Angeles. Also cool to see kid kash on tna, havent seen him in awhile to.

  2. I know Kid Kash is doing Showtime Allstar Wrestling (SAW) out of Nashville. Not sure what else. Austin I was surprised and excited because he had said he was retiring unless he got an enticing offer. I know he’s ecstatic as well.

  3. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    I happened to have TNA on last night (I guess I was looking to torture myself) in the background and I was stunned to see him on TV. I thought it might have been a flashback to get people ready for the D-X PPV, but then realized it was live. Good for him even if its just one last months run before he decides to hang them up.

  4. Avatar Anthony
    Anthony says:

    It was a pretty good impact. There were a few segments that weren’t that great, but overall, I thought Impact was just as good as RAW this week. … I mean come on, no Zack Ryder in LI?

  5. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    i think tna should get zack ryder and push him to the moon