The First (and hopefully ONLY) ever WRITTEN What’s Wrong With Wrestling

Well I am sorry to report that this week What’s Wrong With Wrestling will NOT air at all. For various reasons which I will get into in a moment but fear not, I WILL be back next week. So heres the thing, I’ve been sick ever since Wednesday and I’ve had everything from being sick to losing alot of weight (for like the 4th time this year) to losing my strength/energy so recording a podcast wasn’t really top of my priorities.

I also had a call from “The Source” last night and lets just put it this way, he was mad on a whole other level. He has put a stop on all funds that he was providing me with and he said even if I was well enough to send a show to Brady this week that he would not be putting any of his money into the project. He also promised that before the weekend is over, he has another video he would like me to show to the world. I don’t see why I should show this video to the world after these threats he has made but I guess I will do it out of curiosity.

But we aren’t here to talk about me, we’re here to talk about WRESTLING.
So I’ll break this written podcast down into a few basic reviews then I’ll talk about the main thing I wanted to talk about today.

The Double Dose of Fan Punishment… I mean Capitol Punishment and “Power To The People” RAW.
Well let me think about the pay per view, what did I like. Let me think, what did I like? I liked the sound of Alex Riley vs Miz, oh wait that was before it happened. I liked that Dolph Ziggler won the United States Title and hopefully that will lead to a NEW feud instead of Dolph/Kofi 3000. Everything else about the PPV just screamed out “THANK GOD I DIDN’T WATCH!!”, well I guess CM Punk finally winning a PPV match was pretty cool.
Now moving onto RAW, the first night of stepping out of what I like to know as WWE’s throw away month. Can ANYONE tell me they actually enjoyed anything in this past month of WWE shows? It wasn’t great but it was a step up from the terrible shows the end of May/early June presented us with. Im not going to go into the usual entertainment/wrestling arguement but I loved that Christian/Miz/R-Truth segment, whoever said comedy has to be in one person like Hornswoggle or Santino etc needs their eyes ripping out because three dudes just shouting at each other was possibly the funniest thing I have seen in a while.
CM Punk, CM Punk, CM Punk. What can I say about Mr Punk? We all read online that he was going away, he tweeted things about rumors but then it comes down to CM Punk vs John Cena at Money In The Bank for the WWE Championship and CM Punk promises to leave the WWE with the Title. I am going to say this at Money In The Bank, their will be TWO new WWE Champions, CM Punk will beat John Cena and tease leaving with the title, maybe cut a promo after winning but then someones music will hit and whoever would have won the RAW money in the bank will cash in on Punk and he will be going home empty handed.
It was great to see Zack Ryder get the TV time he deserved this week too! I mean he may not have been on RAW but at least he was on NXT. Maybe he’ll learn not to take shots at his employer on youtube and then they will actually put him on TV. I have lost my love for Zack Ryder as of late, he just isn’t funny anymore. Scott Stanford really carries that youtube show these days.

I Can’t Believe This Is Actually Good For Once… I mean TNA/Impact Wrestling
What is this “X-Division” people are telling me about? I have a REALLY bad memory but people are telling me TNA used to have one. I guess they can be proud of themselves, in the space of 11 months they have gone from having a tribute to 1997 pay per view to having a tribute to 2005 pay per view! That is great, now all they have to do is come into the year we actually live in 2011! But with all cheap shots aside, I am actually enjoying the X-Division return, it is great to see Austin Aries back and until I see anyone else come into this tournament that I prefer, I would like him to win and get this contract TNA are speaking of. It was great to see Jimmy Rave last week too, not really a fan of Kid Kash but I guess it was good to see him too. Really could’ve done without the Guitar Hero crap for Rave though, let him do his Crown Jewel of The Embassy stuff or his new gimmick he’s doing now, I hated The Rock & Rave Infection (That doesn’t mean I hated you Christy Hemme).
The new batch of X-Division guys I saw last night were brilliant, I hope to see a few more of them on next week’s tapings. As cool as this pay per view sounds though, how the hell are they going to fill up a three hour pay per view with a division that has less than 10 guys (13 if you count Joe/Daniels/AJ).
Looks like 11 months later, we will finally be seeing Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn again! That is if Jerry Lynn doesn’t break a nail again haha but I don’t have as much interest in that match as I did say 10 years ago.
And finally, STING. When did he discover his inner Jim Carrey/The Mask and The Joker? These last two weeks of Impact I have really enjoyed Sting and well there is a first for everything.

Three Weeks of Pay Per Views and FINALLY One I Want To See… I mean ROH’s Best In The World iPPV preview!
In the past three weeks we have seen two pay per views, the third coming this Sunday. TNA’s wasn’t bad, WWE’s was terrible and I am obviously biased but I will go out and say that Ring of Honor’s will be the better of the three. So I guess I will preview the show match by match but don’t take my predictions to heart, I may have a legion ring but I have not been to the future!

Dark Match/DVD Exclusive
Generation Me vs. Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly
Well to be honest, I couldn’t care less about this match. Both teams are amazing but its a dark match, im not really into Cole/O’Reilly and it is probably the one match on the card that doesn’t mean anything to me but for predictions sake, I am going to say that Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly will continue the success they have had recently as a team and move onto bigger/better things when the TV show starts and they move onto the next iPPV.

WINNERS: Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly

Colt Cabana vs. Tommaso Ciampa with The Embassy
As much as I love Cabana, this is hands down a no brainer, Ciampa is winning this. The guy is brilliant and I love that finisher. He’s been on a role since he started in ROH and the focus of The Embassy storyline may be on Rhino/Homicide that night but I have a feeling Ciampa will grab that focus with both hands and bring it back toward him in what Ring of Honor showcases best and that is in ring quality.

WINNER: Tommaso Ciampa

No Holds Barred Street Fight
Homicide vs. Rhino with The Embassy
Rumors have gone around about Homicide signing an exclusive contract with UWF so he may be leaving ROH, at the moment those are just rumors so I won’t comment but forgetting the rumors I will go with Homicide for the win but then the verdict of the Embassy/Homicide lawsuit is said to be announced that night too, in which Homicide will be found GUILTY and I think that will be the last we will see of Homicide for a while. It will be interesting to see if Rhino can adapt to the Ring of Honor style.

WINNER: Homicide

“The Prodigy” Mike Bennett vs. Jay Lethal
I don’t really know how to call this one. Bennett has been on a roll since coming to ROH, he has won the top prospect tournament in Ring of Honor before going into a feud with Steve Corino which Bennett has dominated but they could be bringing Lethal back into ROH to have him mean something, more than just a guy who does impressions. Im going to say Lethal gets the win and this will not be the last time Lethal will be seen in ROH. One thing is for sure, he will be JAY LETHAL, NOT Black Machismo.

WINNER: Jay Lethal

Steve Corino with Jimmy Jacobs vs. Michael Elgin with Truth Martini
One factor in this match that everyone has to be questioning… KEVIN STEEN. How will they use him, will he get into the show after Corino bought his plane ticket but Ring of Honor don’t want him to be their. Im going to say that STORYLINE wise this will be the most interesting match of the night. A Steen/Jacobs feud could be interesting because either man could go back to being heel but a Steen/Jacobs/Corino/Generico vs H.O.T could be great too. Im going to put my money on Corino winning this but then Steen/H.O.T involvement after.

WINNER: Steve Corino

World Television Championship Match
ROH Television Champion Christopher Daniels with Truth Martini vs. El Generico
I don’t work in entertainment but Im guessing Daniels can’t work a TV contract for ROH and TNA? I could be wrong but im just guessing. This could mean that either his ROH days are numbered or his TNA days are numbered. Whether he stays or goes I am putting my money on the fact that El Generico will be the third ever Television Champion in Ring of Honor history. Generico/Steen was probably the feud that made ROH on HDNet a great show, yeah of course every other match/talent made it a great show but that feud was the top feud of 2010 on that entire show so who deserves it more than El Generico.
Should the Kevin Steen involvement in Steve Corino’s business not last long, if Steen is a heel I see a continuation of Steen/Generico but over the Television Championship.

WINNER: And NEW Ring of Honor Television Champion……. EL GENERICO

World Tag Team Championship Four Way Elimination Match
ROH World Tag Team Champions Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Kings of Wrestling vs. Rhett Titus & Kenny King vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe
Ever since watching The Briscoes promo the other day and the videowire, I am not sure about this match. It’ll be an amazing match because of the fact that ROH (screw what TNA tells you) put on THE best tag team wrestling today. I could see this going in any direction, you could have The Briscoes becoming SEVEN time ROH World Tag Team Champions, you could have Rhett Titus and Kenny King finally achieve what they have been working for in the World Tag Team Championships or you could see Wrestlings Greatest Tag Team retain the Tag Team Championships. The one possibility I don’t see happening is Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli retaining.
The Kings of Wrestling have dominated tag team wrestling in more than just ROH, they have dominated other companies too and now rumors are circulating that they have had a try out match with WWE. I don’t know how to feel about that because not only have they made stars out of great wrestlers but they have destroyed them. If this rumor is true and they were to be signed by WWE then best of luck to them and I would hope to God that WWE wouldn’t screw this up!
But if KOW remain with ROH then I think it is about time to pull the plug on the team. In 2009/early 2010 when I first started watching ROH, I loved these guys as singles stars and no offence intended to Mr Castagnoli but I hope that Hero is the breakout star of the team because ever since I first saw him, I really took a liking. I hope Claudio goes far too because he is also great but Hero is my favourite of the two and really stands out to me.
So I guess I better wrap this match prediction up and after narrowing it down to three teams it is not a single bit easier than it was on four teams so I think it will be a retain, yes that was the first choice to come off of the top of my head just because it was too hard to call.

WINNERS: And STILL ROH World Tag Team Champions…. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, Wrestlings Greatest Tag Team.

Ring Of Honor World Championship Match
Ring of Honor World Champion Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards
Why does this show have to keep giving me matches that are too hard to call. A loss to either man would hurt the other ALOT and would pretty much belittle the win so I am going to go with the idea that @Marty3392 on twitter gave me, the match will be a draw. The match will result in a draw and then they have endless possibilities of how they can carry the feud on.
I see this feud continuing on until Final Battle, where Davey will eventually win the World Championship and if there is to be any heel turns in this I want it to be Davey but I see it being Eddie. If I had to choose between the tag title match and this match for what I will predict as match of the night then it would be a draw. They will both do it for me.
If I had all three of the pay per views from these past three weeks and I had the choice of paying for them then I could say that WWE I wouldn’t have payed for, TNA I would have considered and ROH would be a definite.
If it goes to extra time or anything like that, I have NO idea who will win this because like I said a loss for either guy will hurt them alot, if Davey was to lose he has said he will just give it up and leave but if Eddie lost then this title reign would have meant nothing for what 3 months? That would be devastating.

Winner: DRAW

Now although these predictions are just for the fun of it, if I was to be serious about this then I would say the two I would put my money on being definite are the Tag Title Match and TV Title Match.
That is me for the week, I promise you I will be back at the same time at the same place next week but this time you won’t have to read because I will talk. I will also have something big to announce which I had planned to announce this week but then I got sick. Head on over to facebook and like the page I made for the show and follow me on twitter, I want 2,000 followers! (689 to go!).

Enjoy the pay per view!


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