U F’n C Expertise (or UFC vs. Wrasslin)

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OK … I am very sorry that this is not really a post but I have seen some pretty darn small posts here. This is really a call for help. I have some buddies who are really into UFC (‘real’ fighting) and I have been trying to get into it …

Whenever I watch it I see guys like GSP and others seemingly mount a guy until he taps out (if a guy in spandex wraps himself around me like that I am tapping out … pain or no pain ;) ). I think that I have been watching the wrong UFC events. I saw one of the GSP/BJ Penn fights and it seemed like most of the fight had GSP pinning BJ Penn and punching him in the jaw repeatedly (Penn is one tough bastard to last that long).

My buddies into UFC give me a hard time about watching the ‘fake’ stuff. I explain that UFC bores me a bit because it’s ‘too damn real’. Don’t get me wrong, the UFC guys are tough athletes but just like real fights, they are short and not as exciting as an HBK/Bret Hart classic. So I respect the UFC guys but cannot get into it. So I am looking for the following:

1. Being new to UFC, what events would you recommend (e.g. UFC 100) and/or what matches rocked your world (i.e. got you into UFC)
2. Do you prefer UFC or WWE/TNA/wrestling and why?

I am hoping to get some good comments/points going that my buds and myself have not discussed and some really good recommendations on UFC but smartass comments are welcome :)

Thank you in advance, The Brady Hicks Universe!

Big Ern (my shortest post in history)

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  1. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:
  2. Avatar BigErn
    BigErn says:

    Thanks Mrakbaz … I will check it out!

  3. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    I have tried to get into UFC/MMA before. I liked the really old stuff when it actually was ultimate fighting and you had guys with two totally different styles going up against each other like a guy like Shamrock or Severn up against some bar brawler, a sumo, or a guy into jiu jitsu. Now guys are too similar and it’s all about ground and pound.

    There are tons of best of vids on places like youtube so see if any of those spark your interest. It’s different to wrestling where you like different guys but they are all part of the same show. I tend to only ever watch the one or two guys on the card I like and have no interest in the other guys that fight.

  4. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    I think UFC is something you either like or dont like. Its an event more than anything else similar to when boing was big. There are people who really enjoy alot of boxing (I used to be one of them, not so much anymore) and others who like it when they see a good match or a big personality and get bored when its someone else. UFC is the same way. You can watch a match with a violent KO and get all excited and then get bored with it after two more events when nothing cool happens. So my guess is if you dont really care for it on first viewing you wont get into it later on except for the occasional super fight (ie something involving Lesnar if he ever returns).

    Im a fan of both but have grown a bit bored with UFC because its oversaturated on TV and PPV. Ive been to PPVs for both and both are fun to attend live. The funny thing with UFC is that the WWE and Tough Enough is indirectly responsible for their success. It was the idea of tough enough that got the ball rolling for Spike to put on the Ultimate Fighter in 2005. They correctly assumed that if they put it on after Raw they would have a built in audience which they did. The show was awesome (probably the best starting point actually if you never saw UFC) and just hit left and right with unplanned angles that caught the attention of people in a similar manner to the old Austin/Tyson angle in that people talked about it after they watched it and drew friends to the show. They did a live special that was a total home run. It was drawing from the pages of the old SNME shows in that people were getting a PPV type show on free TV so you get a huge curiosity factor that tunes in. Bonner/Griffen is probably the greatest fight in the history of the UFC (certainly the most exciting) right out of the pages of Rocky with two guys just getting totally beat up and constantly getting up and going forward. It exploded from there.

    I actually think if WWE ran Tough Enough in a similar way by taking veterans of the indy scene instead of green guys and put them through weight training and more advanced wrestling training and then having two guys a week work matches with the weak link being booted or both guys being booted if it sucked that it would do wonders. Plus you would have a guy that is actually ready to work Raw at the end of it instead of a guy so green that he cant do a FCW match and have it air on TV without being completely edited. That was a big reason why TUF worked. The guys were all thrown on PPV and TV specials after the show because they were good enough to compete.

    • Avatar BigErn
      BigErn says:

      Thanks Jason and Vince for the replies! I will check out Bonner/Griffen as well as Mrakbaz’s links. There must be some exciting UFC fights all over YouTube. I did catch Lesnar’s fights (I really liked him in WWE) and I enjoyed them in my biased view and could not believe that last loss to Cain (it was a fun match though). I suppose that I am a fan of the stand up game and not too much the grappling part (although I respect the grappling as it’s a talent in itself) although faster grappling can be a fun watch. Thanks to all for your advice/views/comments!

  5. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    another great reason to watch UFC you could see a big guy like brock get dominated and pounded in the mush by a great stand up dude, like cain velasquez.