It’s Official — The Miz is #1-1

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“Of course, I’m number one. I’m the Miz. I’m awesome. The other 499 never had a chance.”–30-year-old former WWE heavyweight champion, in a phone interview with PWI’s Al Castle. 

I’ve wanted to tell you guys for months … but now it’s official and you can look for the issue starting August 16th. In MY mind, there was never any question that The Miz accomplished more this past year (June ’10-May ’11) to earn top billing in the PWI 500 than any other wrestler out there.

There was some skepticism when I presented my argument in the office (and in ensuing weeks after our May meeting when it seemed The Miz couldn’t buy a clean win). But I – and one or two of my peers – held our ground, and eventually won over the others. In my own mind, I never lost sight of all that The Miz has accomplished during the grading period. Call him a chicken. Call him a fluke. Whatever. The Miz proved this past year that he is for real. Who else in wrestling has accomplished all of the following?

  • Six-month reign as WWE champion.
  • Winning every title for which he was eligible (WWE, US, and Tag).
  • Money In The Bank winner.
  • Successful title defense in WrestleMania main event.
  • Pinfall victories over John Cena, Randy Orton, R-Truth, John Morrison, Daniel Bryan, and Jerry Lawler.

Thoughts? You’re probably not going to change my mind … but I’m curious.

2 Responses to It’s Official — The Miz is #1

  1. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    i like randy orton where is he on the list?

  2. Avatar rich
    rich says:

    Miz was teasing Jericho and Punk about this on Twitter. In any event, I deff agree with this choice. Nobody deserves number one more than Mikethemiz.