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The VOC Wrestling Nation was on site at the Fox and Hound in King of Prussia, PA to bring the PPV atmosphere to the fans of the VOC Nation.

The crowd in King of Prussia was electric as CM Punk walked away with the WWE title and the screen went black. The reaction was captured on air and the experience was second to none.

The Legendary Bill Apter from 1wrestling.com was also on hand to give his insights on the event.

VOC Nation: Was this the best WWE PPV this year? In a long time? EVER? We want your thoughts. Email them to voc@vocnation.com or post them in the VOC Wrestling Nation on Facebook.

What are you waiting for??? Listen NOW!

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  1. Pat Piper says:

    Judging by the picture, I’d say the short bus was in town.

  2. your driving the bus asshole

  3. Brother Jermaine says:

    I’m speechless. All I can say is….faces that are made for radio!

  4. Pat Piper says:

    I hope they had mops and wet floor signs available for the drool. They look like they have the combined IQ of a walnut. These are the stereotypes of the average wrestling fan. They just need fanny packs and replica title belts.

  5. Pat Piper says:

    …and you’re driving the taxi mrakbaz.

  6. Pat Piper says:

    Is the guy in the middle of the group their social worker?

  7. arief noordi says:

    Saya suka sekali artikel ini … Thx u

  8. bright lights big city!!!!!!!!!!!

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