Perfect Tag Team

Photo by WWE

After years of watching the tag team division become non-existence, I think WWE has finally found the duo that could revive; the tag team division. The team of John Cena and Sheamus, both men are former world champions who are at the end Netti kasino tuo joustavuuden sinne missa sita ei voi vastustaa. of their ropes. But together this team can be tag team champions until they become old and retire.  These guys could even bring a major sponsor on board, McDonalds. Why with Sheamus looking like Ronald McDonald and Cena wearing that red uniform looks like a short order cook, these two could cash in and cash in big time. Look out Air Boom, for Cena and Sheamus might serve your asses back to you, the question is do you want fires with that ass happy meal?

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  1. KEN PATERA says:

    actually hhh is rebuilding the tag team division with kings of wrestling, and hes bringing in beer money later on…..

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