As I tried to think of a title for my first column…it came to me.  “Skinny Fat Ass”-What better than the oxymoron Triple H used to describe the self proclaimed “best in the world today” CM Punk…Is saying “ass” even PG?-who cares.

Anyway, my name is Ryan “RyDogg” deLorge.  I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY where I still live today.  I have been an avid wrestling fan for over 20 years and I am so excited for the opportunity to write for As for my love of wrestling, I am and always will be a Hogan fan; vitamins, prayers, and steroids-words to live by!!!  From The Super Destroyer to the Red and Yellow, from Hollywood to Immortal-Hogan is and always will be the man.  I know I know- you’re thinking “wow this front running fan”.  But lets not kid ourselves, I’m a Hogan mark.  I grew up wearing a friendship bracelet to show my support for Hogan after Earthquake (the late John Tenta) well,  earthquaked him on the Brother Love show.  As for my favorite match- it has to be Hogan vs the Rock at WM18.  I can watch that match again and again and still get goose bumps…it was the best and only thing to come out of the invasion angle…this was a dream match we thought we would never see, and boy did Vince get this one right.  Hogan was still Hollywood but the fans would have nothing of it.  They wouldn’t allow him to be Hollywood Hogan…they wanted him to be the man they grew up with; the “block the right, finger pointing, power from the maniacs” Hogan we knew and love.  That night, even though he was adorned in the nWo black and white we all saw Red and Yellow.

As a kid I was always a WWF guy.  I watched Superstars and Challenge every weekend. I pressured my mom to get cable so I could watch Prime Time Wrestling and later Monday Night Raw.  WWF was all I cared or wanted to know about.  Yeah of course I knew of other promotions-I had a PWI subscription and even received their weekly newsletter (anyone remember that?!), but I really only cared about the WWF and my collection of Coliseum videos.  I knew who Sting, Luger, and the 4 horsemen were, but it was not until Hogan left for Atlanta that I began noticing WCW.  It was during that first Nitro at the Mall of America that WCW really got caught my attention…BUT I was still a WWF guy…like many i tried to stay loyal.  I held out a long time, but eventually I cracked. I remember the day my WWF magazine subscription was replaced by the oddly over sized WCW magazine.-I know I know, I folded.  But as WCW began to fade I quickly forgot why I ever left the comfort of WWF and as the Rock would say I “Finally” came home.

When I went to college I remained a loyal wrestling fan.  Finally I could watch wrestling without my mom telling me to do my homework.  In 2001 my birthday fell on a Monday. I decided stay in and watch  Raw/Nitro instead of taking too many shots at the bar.  Lucky for me my birthday is March 26th.  That night I was given the best birthday present of all, that night Vince bought WCW.  It was the last Monday Nitro ever and in my opinion the most important Raw of all time.  I sat in my dorm room watching in awe-switching between TNT and TNN (Raw was not on USA at the time, it was on The National Network which later became Spike TV).  What an amazing night-unfortunately since that day wrestling has been pretty stale. A lack of competition has seemed to flat line sports entertainment.  I did however get very excited nearly 9 years later on January 4th 2010 when TNA Impact went head to head vs. Raw.  I actually made myself a nostalgic sloppy Joe dinner (one I ate frequently during the Monday night war days) and marked out as Hogan, the Band, RVD, and Hardy all appeared on Impact…and wow did Vince try to stop this- Bret Hart back in a WWE ring…he had gotten the “F” out even before WWE did (WWF).  Flipping back and forth between programs was a blast from the past for me.  The only difference was if I missed anything in 2010, I could rewind!

Ok, Ok this brings us to today…well I must say things are heating up in that squared circle…I am getting excited for Monday nights for the first time in a long time.  The CM Punk story line is hot.  I keep wanting to see what he will do next. I am also hearing people (not even fans) say things like “Woo Woo Woo YKI”… But like most jaded fans I’m waiting for the WWE to F this one up…I was excited last year with the Nexus…you remember the Nexus?  They came and went faster then the Truth Commission.  Speaking of Nexus I really think when Mason Ryan returns he should appear on Smackdown as Christian’s right hand man…later on down the line he could break away, turn baby face, fight Christian- and then we would really never need Batista back!  But really- Christian is always a better heel when he has some big guy by his side (Tomko in WWE and Tomko and AJ in TNA)… Just think- Ezekiel Jackson could challenge Christian for the world title.  Ryan could interject, giving Christian the W. This would lead to Ryan vs Jackson squaring off for a couple PPVs.  Later, Ryan could capture the IC title from whichever mid carder has it around their waist.  Christian as World champ, Ryan as Intercontinental champ. Eventually Ryan would turn on Christian, leading to a title vs. title match.  The now super over Ryan would pin Christian-winning and holding both titles…big men always look great holding two titles (Warrior, Goldberg)-OK, OK I might be getting ahead of myself, Ryan might not be the “next big thing” but I do think aligning him with Christian would be great for both of them.

I hope everyone enjoyed my first column

Ryan “RyDogg” deLorge


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  1. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    Good stuff bro i also was raised on the 36 inch pythons brothers! Hulk Hogan was the greatest to me when i was growing up, he was my hero! I hated it when he lost the title to the warrior that was a great wrestlemania brother! I also enjoyed the Von Erichs and Ric flair and classic NWA! Woooo! Woooooo!