TNA “Hardcore” (In)Justice

So I felt I owed it to Brady, owed it to the website and owed it to everyone who takes the time out of their day to listen to Nathan & I or those who read the few things I write and I decided due to the fact that we have produced two really bad shows both last week and this week that I would write a few things TNA related.

Before I get into it though, we will have a pretty good show next week with ROH’s TV tapings coming up on the Saturday and SummerSlam coming up on the Sunday, we will be previewing both and we will have the very first 60 second review of a TNA pay per view! As you know neither of us really care about TNA so we will review the PPV in 60 seconds or less and that is 60 seconds between us, not 60 each.

We (Sorry, I forget I can’t speak for Nathan… I) promise to end our streak of bad shows next week! Do make sure you listen this week though, I had a great idea for a storyline that involves R-Truth, John Laurinaitis, Triple H, Vince Mcmahon, Zack Ryder and Punk/Cena.

But right now, I will preview TNA’s “Hardcore Justice” pay per view for this Sunday as we didn’t really show much interest in the pay per view on this weeks show. So I’ll start it off with The Pope Elijah Burke vs Devon Dudley (If you have a problem with me using my own variations of their names then go away, I’ll call whoever I want whatever I want). So I honestly do not understand why either of these guys are in the Bound For Glory series, The Pope’s career has been hurt since mid 2010 and well Devon is a TAG TEAM guy, without Bubba he is nothing!
Don’t get me wrong, I love The Pope! He was even my favourite TNA superstar from his debut until last year but this match and this feud really are a waste of time!

 The Pope! I honestly lost all hope for Pope in late 2010 but this tournament could be the rebuilding of Pope and I hope (I really stress that word) I HOPE this could lead to another push for Pope and finally we can see Pope back on pay per views and in main events and well hopefully see The Pope win the TNA World Title…… Daddddddy. Pope is a great guy and great all around superstar, I don’t beg often but PLEASE TNA…… PLEASE COME TO YOUR SENSES WITH THIS MAN!!!





Onto the next Bound For Glory series match, Rob Van Dam vs The Undefeated Big Red. Well I am going to keep this short, sweet and to the point. Have RVD win this! I don’t hate Big Red but I do not see the hype in him or his push so I want this undefeated streak to end. Both myself and Nathan said the same thing to have RVD win.

 With RVD winning this and Big Red’s streak hopefully ending, hopefully both guys will sooner or later find something better. Have Big Red team up with his “brother” The So Called Amazing Red and why not have RVD join the X-Division. Both guys can mean something in different roles but I don’t really have much interest in either guy so I don’t really know what I can say about this match that won’t result in me bashing the hell out of both guys.


So onto the first match I really feel comfortable talking about! The Divas Title Match (Again, I know they are “Knockouts” but it is easier to use one central word so if you don’t like it then you can go and do what the guy on twitter did when I used the word Diva for a TNA lady, you can go off and cry because you can do nothing and like it!).
So onto the actual match, I actually like the Angelina/Winter stuff. As you’ve probably heard/read before many times, I am a big superhero/villain fan and Winter having control over Angelina sort of goes down that road but without over doing it and looking stupid. I would have Winter win the title and put the focus of the TNA Divas on Angelina/Winter by maybe having Angelina break out of the spell and realise Winter has been controlling her, then have a match at Bound For Glory.

 And NEWWWWWWWWWWW TNA Divas Champion, Paul Burchill’s Sister. When the Angelina/Winter stuff started I said it was probably the only interesting storyline that the divas ever had and now it is about time it came to an end when Angelina finds out that Winter has had her under control. Sadly it will probably just be Velvet Sky vs Mickie James or something stupid like that. But hey what do I care, Divas matches are in my words “a waste of time”.

Onto TNA’s Nexus vs NWO 2011 (If you can’t work out which one is which, you need help). Why AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Kaza… Yeah I can’t say that with a straight face, why Daniels & Styles aren’t more of a big deal in TNA is a complete joke! AJ should be World Champion again one day soon or at least pushed. On the Immortal side, I am clueless to why Gunner and Steiner are on the team but Mr Anderson and Bully Ray aren’t?!! This match is just another waste of time!

Winners: Immortal

Now for the X-Division Championship of the World. Champion Brian Kendrick defends against Alex WhatsHisName and A Double Austin Aries. You should know by now that I am pro Aries and along with that it would have been pointless having him win the 4 way at Destination X last month if he wasn’t going to win the title. Give A-Double the X-Division and base it around him!

Winner: And NEWWWWWWWWWWWW X-Division Champion
 If it meant Aries/Kendrick feuding or Aries/Shelley feuding, just give the title to Aries and let him dominate the X-Division, they claim they are rebuilding the X-Division by hiring new stars (Kash & Xion so far) but I doubt it’ll last, let the division that at one point defined TNA come out of the shadows and shine.

I guess I have to talk about the Tag Titles, The Latin American Exchange of Modern Day vs Beer Money. Mexican America are cool but they aren’t getting the titles yet. They’ll win them at Bound For Glory and sooner or later Beer Money will split but for a while they will have M.A/B.M feud over the titles.

Winners: And STILL Tag Team Champions
 The injury of Bobby Roode sparked the Beer Money split rumours but it isn’t going to happen just yet, Beer Money will retain and feud the Mexican America/Beer Money feud will continue on until BFG. Let’s face it, are their actually any Tag Teams other than these two? British Invasion reunite every now and again, Motor City Machine Guns… Yeah, well one is hurt at one point then the other goes. Ink Inc… Who? So much for TNA being “The best tag team wrestling in the world!” If you want tag team wrestling go on down to ROH!

And onto the Main Event of the Evening and it is for the World Championship Wrestling 2.0 Heavyweight Championship of The World. Kurt “I was hacked and Im going to try out for the Olympics at 50+ after breaking my neck 50+ times and having done steroids every years since my last olympic run” Angle vs Sting “My character has been stale more or less my entire career so I have to rip off a cartoon character”. I guess you could call it Lex Luthor vs The Joker!
Im going with Kurt Angle for this! He hasn’t been TNA’s centre point for a while so I’ll put my money on Angle. It’ll be Angle vs Sting vs Anderson at the PPV I forgot about next month then Angle vs BFG series winner at Bound For Glory.

Winner: And NEEEEEEEWWWWW TNA Champion






Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Harry Barnett, I have been your entertainment for the evening. Make sure you follow me on twitter (@InstantClassicH), Like the show on facebook (Search “What’s Wrong With Wrestling”), Buy the T-Shirt (Yeah I don’t have one) and Take Care… Spike Shave Your Hair……. WOO WOO WOO, Yeah im not finishing that, I hate Zack Ryder. YOU KNOW IT!

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  1. I will put these predictions up when I post the SummerSlam ones. Great work as always Harry. Can’t wait to hear that angle.

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    HarryBarnett says:

    Thanks, we did Summerslam predictions on the show too but I can send you them if you haven’t heard it yet. Thanks! Greatly appreciated.