Combined Crap

Photo by WWE

Well WWE has awakened to the realization that they can no longer keep Raw away from Smackdown, so they have combined the two making it Super Crap.  WWE has the in ring talent and could find more at the tip of their finger nails; the US alone has wrestlers, wrestling schools and promotions on every corner. But what WWE is lacking is creative people; that can help these wrestlers develop gimmicks to make them interesting to fans. Why is Nunzio or Little Guido a WWE REF? This man still has talent, looks awesome, casino jameshallison why isn’t he teamed with Santino Marella to form a new version of the F.B.I? Why is Dustin Runnels in the back, he should have a brief feud with his ugly half brother Cody, giving him a stunning make over. As for the catch lines, they can be compared to that of flat lines on a heart trace monitor. WWE needs to bring Creativity back.


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  1. woooooooooooooooooooo!

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