This week, Brady Hicks and DJ are joined IN THE ROOM by the one and only … returning from a suspension … former heckler but now “face” … Mr. Akbaz, as the gang breaks down TNA and Kurt Angle’s recent issues, and takes a special look at the Kevin Nash/CM Punk/HHH fiasco, Raw “Super-shows,” and the new WWE Network. If you’re in the Philadelphia area next weekend be sure to join us for the first-ever IN THE ROOM Fan Conclave. Thanks for the support!

14 Responses to IN THE ROOM

  1. Avatar Harry
    Harry says:



    If I can take a moment to calm down…. Great show guys!

    • Avatar mrakbaz
      mrakbaz says:

      what i was trying to say harry, was that our simple podcast shows can draw the same number as the tna, and they got hogan on there show!

  2. Avatar Harry
    Harry says:

    Come on… It’s TNA!! You know both of us can do better. Hogan doesn’t make a single bit of difference. Well the near two years proves that.

  3. Avatar Kevin McElvaney
    Kevin McElvaney says:

    Looking forward to meeting quite a few of you at the Fan Conclave Sunday Event!

  4. Avatar BigErn
    BigErn says:

    Well guys, I have to say that this edition of ITR reminded me of SummerSlam this year. I read the description and shuddered a bit. I was not sure if I should click to download the podcast for the first time in history. Just like SummerSlam, it did not look good on paper ;)

    Then I gave it a shot and just like SummerSlam, I was pleasantly surprised with the dynamics of the team and the podcast in general. Well done guys! I was hoping to hear predictions on the TNA PPV as I don’t even know what matches are coming up. I wonder if we will bother with predictions on for this one. TNA can be quite a different beast to predict because you have to think like a Russo.

    Well I am glad the that you kept me company on the lake where I was fishing this afternoon when I went out solo today. Good job by all three of you. I too am looking forward to meeting a number of you along with some VOC folks in exactly a week!

  5. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    A really great show though a bit more all over the place than normal. Akbaz,acapella versions of songs used by WWE, more HHH at Footlocker,what more could you want!

    Can’t wait for the Conclave and I saw that Jeff Hardy will be at the TNA show up against Jeff Jarrett. BATTLE OF THE JEFFS.I wonder if a “Punk was right about you!” chant will break out?

    And Bully Ray vs Robert Roode………at least Double A will be there.

  6. Avatar Mike
    Mike says:

    Great episode! Akbaz FTW!

  7. Avatar Conrad
    Conrad says:

    Love the HHH stuff. You think they’ll have those round tables?

  8. Avatar Miolli
    Miolli says:

    After that 2 part “super “edition ( if Young John was there it would be “supersuper” edition), this week ITR with Mr. Akbaz was not so good, but I guess it is just me always not satisfied with everything :)

  9. Avatar Brother Jermaine
    Brother Jermaine says:

    You wonder why I knock you guys so much? Where to start?

    -Put RAW commercial free on the WWE Network?!?!? (How do you expect them to make any money??? No wonder you guys run a free podcast and don’t work in the industry!)
    -Free PPV’s the following week??? (Then why the hell would ANYONE pay for them during the previous week’s replays?)
    -“I don’t watch TNA so they’ll go out of business.” (You want to run a show that talks about the industry, but you want the only major alternative in the industry to WWE to fail. Again, why you are on a FREE podcast.)
    -Complaining that Angle, Sting and Anderson are not in the Bound for Glory series. Complaining that Bully Ray, Storm, Crimson & Roode are in it. And in the very next segment talking about how TNA doesn’t push any new stars. (Talk about contradicting yourselves!)
    -Brady stealing a joke from Predator (Ironically it is from a character who is suppose to be bad at telling jokes!)

    Guys, you make it too easy!

    • Avatar mrakbaz
      mrakbaz says:

      hello, when you say major alternatives, theres a big world out there, if tna went out of business, as fans we still have ROH,CMLL, wrestling from JAPAN,etc and the tna stars that are being pushed you just mentioned 3 out of four are tag team guys. other then that thanks for listening to the entire show and leaving a comment.

  10. Avatar Brother Jermaine
    Brother Jermaine says:

    Sure, just tell me what channel I can watch those promotions you listed here in the US and I will be sure to tune it. Yeah see, that’s what I thought.

    And last time I checked, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart were both tag team guys at the beginning. Are you actually saying that guys that were tag team wrestlers can’t be made into stars?

    • Avatar mrakbaz
      mrakbaz says:

      well im guessing you have the internet, so all those mentioned are on the net, youtube, etc. Shawn and bret are exceptions, im not saying tag team wrestlers cant be stars, but look at the current tag situation in wwe, the tag champs are two single stars, and there being challenged by another pair of singles stars.

  11. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    also to all the fucken trolls out there i invented the ‘pity comment’ comment.
    so fuck all the imitators, ok troll on………