My Guess-

a la Undertaker vs Undertaker (Mark Calaway vs Brian Lee) WWE is going to have two masked superstars with the same gimmick facing each other.  Místico (the original sin Cara-Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde) has still not received his future endeavors, yet Hunico (Jorge Arias) is still wrestling under the Sin Cara mask.  After Sin Cara made a heel move at the end his match against Daniel Bryan I began to think that we might be in store for a good vs bad double dose of Sin Cara feud.  After last Friday’s SmackDown my prediction had more fuel added to the fire when Hunico said he was the “Real Sin Cara”.  This opened the door for him to be proven wrong.  So will we see two masked Luchadores under the same name?  Will we see a mask vs mask match at Survivor Series? Maybe even a “Bella twins” move where both become a tag team and do a few switch-a-rooneys while the ref is looking away?  Time will tell, but mark my word- unless Místico is still injecting non wellness policy substances we will see 2 Sin Cara’s in the Squared circle.

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