Bound To Glory Days.

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So after some post Conclave down time I have returned to give my thoughts on the world of wrestling. First up is TNA’s Bound For Glory PPV this Sunday. This PPV is supposedly the biggest of the year, the culmination, their answer to WrestleMania. Well last years was rubbish and this one doesn’t look like it will be any better and if anything shows just how bad things in TNA are right now.

First off like a lot of wrestling fans I don’t watch (ignore) most of the story heavy segments of TNA programming. I do this mainly because I don’t get high anymore thus making it impossible to work out what is going on. An educated guess would be one group of people don’t like another group of people but someone is torn between the groups, joins one, turns on another but someone else already did but then didn’t but actually did or was playing them both off each other then joins someone else or did they…..So at the end of the day I know only what I read or hear in terms of the ‘plot’ . That said lets look at the matches.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Mexican America vs. Ink Inc. This to me is a no one cares match. TNA has done a decent job of dismantling or devaluing the tag division as of late and it kind of shows in this match. Personally I like Hernandez and wish he would get a bigger singles push. The rest of the guys are decent and I’m sure this will be a decent match up. The shame is it won’t be anywhere near as good as a Beer Money vs. MCMG match and since GenMe are gone the division is running on empty.

Crimson vs. Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe: Again I like everyone in this match but can’t see it being any good. Crimson and Joe seem to have been going at it all year and despite having ok matches, never really wowed anyone. I assume Matt Morgan has been thrown in to allow someone, most likely Joe, to score an easy win. All of these guys have a decent claim to being in the main event picture and if the match was for a title shot it might be more interesting.

I Quit Match: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels: This should be a main event match plain and simple. Both these guys stole the show at Destination X earlier in the year just like they always do. Again I feel if this was about more than pride this would be amazing. The one thing that really intrigues me is the I Quit stipulation. While both guys are great wrestlers neither has a recognised go-to submission move. On the other hand these two come up with some of the most innovative moves you ever see in a ring or anywhere else so I imagine it will be great no matter where it gets buried in the card.

Full Metal Mayhem: RVD vs. Jerry Lynn: I love both these guys and was a huge fan of ECW back in the day, so why am I watching this again. This match is a perfect example of two of the biggest things wrong with TNA

1) Hitting the same old nostalgia mine TNA always seems to dig up whenever they can’t think of something interesting or new to do.
2) A gimmick match.

Now I’m sure these guys will put on a solid match and even after all these years both men are capable of pulling something new out of the bag the question is will they?

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson: What a suprise another gimmick match. Not only that but who cares? I assume this has something to do with Immortal which means I automatically don’t care but not only that but it has Bully Ray in. Bully Ray isn’t terrible but he isn’t likely to do anything amazing or new. His match earlier in the year with AJ was great but that was mostly down to AJ. Anderson isn’t Styles but is compotent and prepared to put his body on the line in big matches so there is a chance we might be suprised and see something decent

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Winter vs. Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne. I like the Knockouts as much as anyone but this to me just seems like an excuse to get as many scantily clad women in the ring at once (sound familiar?). All of them can wrestle but I don’t think that was a concern when this match was booked. Again I see a cheap victory for someone.

TNA X-Division Title Match: Austin Aries vs. Brian Kendrick: I want to want to see this match much more than I do. Part of the reason is we have seen it pleny of times already this year. Aries has really been a revelation in terms of making the X-Division exciting again and Kendrick is good too. I assume this will be a ‘final chance’ sort of match which hopefully Austin will win and help rebuild the division. I don’t want to see this match ever again.

TNA World Title Match: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode. I know this is the match that will be last but lets leave off on the other ‘main event’ for a second. TNA has one tried and true method of making new top guys and that is to put them in the ring with Angle. Angle has the name recognition and even at his age is still a phenomenal performer. The problem I foresee is that this match won’t end clean which is a shame. Roode has been pegged as a future star for years and if ever there was a moment it should probably be now. The thing is this all seems very rushed. The tournament to decide the No.1 contender was a mess as is every ounce of storytelling in TNA . Also lets not forget how huge it was when AJ won the belt, lost it shortly after and hasn’t been seen since. Plus Hardy is heading back so you know he won’t be away from the belt for long.

So I doubt it will be the feel good match to end the show it should be. That said both guys can wrestle which is more than can be said in the case of

No DQ Match: Sting vs. Hulk Hogan (If Sting Wins Dixie Carter Gets Control of TNA Back)

Jesus Christ are they actually going to do this! Seriously?! The problems with this match include but are not limited to:

1)Hogan can’t wrestle.
2) Hogan won’t wrestle. He has said repeatedly he won’t take a bump.
3) Sting can’t carry Hogan.
4) It’s NO DQ so he won’t have to.
5) It’s the fourth gimmick match of the night.
6) A match filled with interference AGAIN.
7) It looked interesting when Hogan might retire but ofcourse he won’t because he re-signed which is public knowledge.
7a) No one cares about Dixie Carter.

THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH TNA. TNA is no longer a wrestling company. TNA has gone from an up and coming promotion to a promotion trying to use older big names to help build itself up, to just being a glorified wrestling convention/indy show that just happens to be televised and tours. That is all it is. Everything is based on nostalgia whether it be WWE,WCW,ECW and even TNA itself! Samoa Joe, Styles and Daniels are now being booked as veterans of a company that has never gone anywhere despite the fact that Hogan and co keep saying those were the guys they were there to turn into stars. Crimson is undefeated like Joe was all those years ago but Joe hasn’t done anything in years so why are they are trying to make that comparison. Styles vs. Daniels. Great! It isn’t like that was a feud that helped build the company and has been seen dozens of times. Jerry Lyn vs. RVD. Why not do that again?

It baffles me that no one in TNA knows what they are doing really. Why can’t we see Daniels vs Hardy or Styles vs Anderson? Why aren’t RVD and Samoa Joe feuding? Wasn’t that the point of bringing these guys in. Bound for Glory should be both a clean ending to feuds and a jumping off point for new ones. How much do you want to bet that won’t happen.

8 Responses to Bound To Glory Days.

  1. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    in an interview hogan did on a morning news promoting the BFG show he called robert roode ‘a cool kid’, what the hell is that?

  2. Avatar technojojo
    technojojo says:

    I really don’t think Robert Roode is such a big deal either. Fine in the ring but there
    is nothing special beyond that. He’s like a modern day Arn Anderson at best and
    certainly won’t ever be a major draw…not even if he makes it to the big E.

    • Avatar mrakbaz
      mrakbaz says:

      i disagree, i think roode is a singles star, but going into bfg angle is injured, what about the style/daniels match, the battle for irrelevent high spots that wont matter the next day match. should be a great show cant wait to watch it for free, i will email you the link for the stream when i find it!

  3. Avatar VinceGillett
    VinceGillett says:

    You have to remember how much of an honour it is to even be mentioned by Hogan when he is gracious enough to step down from the heavens and walks among us mere mortals. Checkout what Bret has to say about him on the greatest rivalries blu-ray that just came out.

    technojojo- I get what you mean about Roode. I think Matt Morgan would have been a better candidate than him but at the same time Roode has never really been given a serious singles push so I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

    • Avatar mrakbaz
      mrakbaz says:

      morgan is good he could be a heel and feud with roode i think bubba ray is getting the first title shot vs roode if roode wins the title at bfg.

  4. Avatar Brother Jermaine
    Brother Jermaine says:

    I’m expecting Sting vs Hogan to be kinda like Jason vs Michael in the Horror Wrestling Federation: Very few moves and a lot of run-ins!

    • Avatar VinceGillett
      VinceGillett says:

      “Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania’s pals run in on you?”

      If they put that on a T-shirt I’d buy one.

    • Avatar mrakbaz
      mrakbaz says:

      whats the over under on leg drops, i say under 1!
      over under on scropion deathlocks , i say under 1