IN THE ROOM To Air on WEXP Radio, Philadelphia

October 11, 2011, Philadelphia, PA–We here at are pleased to announce an agreement with Philadelphia’s WEXP 1600 AM to air IN THE ROOM live. Although no official timeslot has been announced, it is presumed the show will air this week on a tape delay as negotiations remain ongoing.

“I’m so excited for this opportunity,” said Brady Hicks. “IN THE ROOM has been taking baby steps, here and there, for a while now. In the last 2-1/2 years, we’ve made the jump to after becoming the most popular show on Who’s Slamming Who, we’ve changed our name, had on some huge guests, and, most recently, decided to take the show live, through an agreement with Spreaker Radio. Make no mistake … getting terrestrial radio here in our home market of Philadelphia is a huge leap, and it’s an opportunity to take us to the next level.”

Said Danielle Ferrari, the current GM of WEXP: “WEXP was down for the past year or so but we finally just recently got it back up and working. I think that this opportunity to bring on an established wrestling talk program will be mutually beneficial for both our station, as it looks to grow, and IN THE ROOM.”

WEXP is located in the heart of Philly on the campus of La Salle University, the alma mater of both Brady Hicks and DJ. IN THE ROOM airs live on Monday nights, 10 PM EST, courtesy of Spreaker Radio in San Francisco, and is replayed on Tuesday evenings. To call in to the show, dial (609) 7555-ITR.