Phantom of the Grocery Store

Photo by WWE

  Over the years Dusty Rhodes has had some problems with Dustin.  Dustin like every unruly teenager went through a “strange” period, dressing up in golden robes, inhaling and exhaling his name, quoting movies and wearing a blonde wig.  However the two got threw this rough patch, now Dusty should be worried with the runt of theRhodesclan, Cody Rhodes.  First there is the “injury” crisis; Cody went from heart throb to a grotesque monster, I wonder when and if Cody was ever in fact pretty, and why would he exposé us to his ugliness, Cody you should be wearing a full coloured mask. Maybe a full covered body suit such as a Crash Test Dummy would wear, for he will need it, in case he ever gets his butt severely whopped by the likes of Mark Henry, the Big Show or Randy Orton. 

            Than there is the Grocery Store fetish, I agree with the brown bags, I need something to puke in while I watch and listen to this brat.  But his bag boys are faster than any retailers store help is, which could be a threat to the retail industry if Cody ever wants to open his own store.  Now Cody is offering receipts to his opponents, and where is young Cody going to print this off from?  That toilet paper wedged in between his two checks, is not a receipt. Dusty I would have a talk with your boy, before he comes off with a return policy, a debit/credit reader, and cash starts flowing out of his ass.


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