Squash Match Sunday-8

Little introduction to this article series:

• 3 matches will be spotlighted every Sunday morning based on their nostalgic qualities, their in-ring performances, their campiness, and their performers’ contributions to today’s wrestling world.
• Will always showcase the big 3 (WWF/E, WCW, TNA).
• Will sprinkle in some ECW every now and then. We don’t want TOO much bloodshed too early in the morning, now do we?
• Not EVERY match will be a squash, but it’s always nice to see the fan favorite totally dominate.
• Main event of Squash Match Sunday will normally have a title on the line, and will ALWAYS be a quality wrestling match.

…Let’s get to the action!


Steve “Mongo” McMichael takes on Alex Wright in a 1997 WCW ring to kick things off here on Squash Match Sunday. And ohhhhhhh BABY is this a squash!




Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner and Booker T teamed up ALLLLL the way back in 2009 to square up against Tag Team Champs Beer Money at TNA Victory Road. Beer Money? Mid Card Hangover? GET IT?!?!


Things to keep an eye/ear out for:

• “SHUT UP!” – Scott Steiner about 50 times during this match…or any match.
• How come when TNA commentators actually commentate the match at hand, it’s a borderline boring tag match. Did they rob a graveyard and prop the bodies up in the crowd? This is brutal.
• Not to validate the finish, but I could EASILY see the WWE using the same finish. I think they HAVE done that on many occasions! (See: Bautista and Ric Flair.)
• Seriously, if Booker T and Scott Steiner formed a tag team back in 1999 instead of 2009? WOW is all I have to say to that….hey, I’m allowed to geek out!



Now while there is no title on the line in YOUR main event of the morning, there IS history behind this match. Bad News Brown dukes it out against Rowdy Roddy Piper in a Wrestlemania VI grudge match. Yes, this is the match where Hot Rod has exactly 50% of his body painted black. Enjoy!


Your main event worthy commentary of the afternoon:

• Favorite part of Wrestlemania VI? Not this match…not the Hogan/Warrior match…it’s the motorized mini-rings all of the wrestlers rode to the ring!
• Piper has literally covered half of his body with blackface, and Monsoon and Ventura are offended with Danny Davis’s officiating?!?! Damn I miss the 80s!
• I wonder if Pat Patterson helped Hot Rod paint beneath the trunks…
• Hot Rod’s pansy dive off the mini-ring dock was the cherry on top of this racial mess of a wrestling match.

Well that about does it from my end, enjoy your Sunday afternoon and remember…

Questionable officiating will ALWAYS trump blackface in the ‘racism’ department!

10 Responses to Squash Match Sunday

  1. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    That BNB/Piper thing is too funny. Supposedly Brown was furious to even be in the match and then went ballistic when he saw Piper in the half black paint. Brown wouldnt agree to any kind of finish and neither guy wanted to even sell a bit for the other. Browns relationship totally fell apart with the WWF around this point in time and he eventually quit right after Summerslam.

    • That was around when he brought in the Harlem sewer rats!

      • Avatar Jason
        Jason says:

        The story on that match was awesome. I guess he went nuts on McMahon prior to the show about how he was lied to from the day he signed (supposedly he was promised to become the WWF Champion when he signed, though I have no idea how that could possibly have been true) but only had one run for the title which was during the period Savage was turning heel in late 88 early 89. He had a few matches with Hogan too I guess but not a TV run. Anyway Brown was so fed up that he broke all kinds of rules in the Jake Roberts match such as the ban on legdrops and other protected moves figuring he was quitting anyway so they couldnt do anything. Apparently he assumed he could go to Japan and then WCW later on, but by the time he wanted to work at WCW Dusty Rhodes was back there and he supposedly hated him and told him to get lost.

        • Wow…never heard any of that, although I did hear he was a legit miserable guy who had a problem with almost everybody, from the Bret Hart book.

  2. Avatar Kevin McElvaney
    Kevin McElvaney says:

    I will say that, even though I am a big Piper fan, if that match had legitimately been a shoot, BNB would’ve killed him. Brown was one of the legit toughest guys of that era.

    • True that, wasn’t he like a judo expert? I’m sure that they treated his legitimacy like such a joke didn’t help matters.

      • Avatar Jason
        Jason says:

        I think he actually was a Judo World Champion. I was never a big fan of Browns but when he passed away Meltzer did a great piece on him (you could tell from the way he gushed about him that Brown was a guy that constantly confided in Meltzer and was a source of his, which Meltzer sometimes seems to make pretty obvious in his writings) going over all the stories. He was legit tough. Apparently he once challenged Andre the Giant to a fight when Andre could still move and was a young guy with a rep for being able to just beat anyone down. Brown admitted he was probably going to get beat up but wasnt backing down from anyone (the fight was stemming from racial jokes Andre was making).

        Like you guessed he hated the fact that they didnt pay attention to his judo background. They had guys like Patera that they pushed as superstars from the Olympics or Duggan with a college football background, but just talked about how Brown was mean and from the streets. The story on Rhodes came from a match in Japan where he got wind that Rhodes wasnt going to do a job for him (plus he thought Rhodes was a redneck) so in a tag match he wouldnt sell a thing for Rhodes but shot around like he was Shawn Michaels against the Powers of Pain for Rhodes partner. Rhodes got all pissy with him afterwards and never forgot it. The way it was written it sounded like the only US guys he really liked were Dynamite Kid, Hulk Hogan, and Ricky Steamboat and absolutely despised a bunch of others.

        • I remember hearing about a lot of his animosity in Bret’s book. He seemed like a guy who was legitimately pissed at the world. Is it really true he liked Hogan? I never heard that. I did know about Dynamite and he being friends from the Stampede days.

          • Avatar Jason
            Jason says:

            I guess he knew Hogan from touring Japan and always felt that Hogan didnt disrespect him. I think he said that Hogan always gave him good matches rather than the usual Hogan style match. The biggest thing though was he was one of the guys that knew working with Hogan or on a card with Hogan meant getting a big payday. But pretty much if you were a guy who didnt respect something that looked like a tough style or were a perceived racist in his eyes he pretty much hated you

  3. Avatar Young John
    Young John says:

    So cool to hear the back story on that match as well as Bad News Brown. Thanks guys.

    Now, here’s the REAL question…is there any significance behind Alex Wright’s cartwheel in the first video?