IN THE ROOM – Thanksgiving Edition

This week IN THE ROOM on WEXP Philly and, Brady Hicks and Anthony Sarlo get together to give thee thanks for all things IN THE ROOM. A hearty discussion of Survivor Series, Raw, and listener questions soon follow. Then, Brady delivers on his promise to provide a wrestling Indian for the fans. Dig in, and have a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    Thinking my idea of Punk vs Miz for the title at WM was Rich Jones’s and only one Whos Slammy nomination…I’m beginning to feel greatly underappreciated, about a 5 out of 10 on the Barnett scale.

    Other than that it was great to hear Ant back. Am I the only one suprised Matt Hardy never won the IC belt? Or that Albert did.

  2. Avatar Anthony
    Anthony says:

    I don’t have high stock in Matt Hardy. I also wasn’t too surprised because my memory says he was almost always on the show that had the US title belt. Thanks for the comments brother!

    • Avatar Vince G
      Vince G says:

      I finally finished listening to the full show and I have to say it is going to be hard to pick who should be the third man should be but I am leaning towards Ackbaz for my vote. All 3 seem to call in each week anyway. I would call in but can’t be bothered to find out the dialling code for the US and still don’t know how Skype works.

      Rock vs Cena is dead in the water. The fued started because Cena took a shot at Rock because he decided to go become a movie star after having done everything in WWE so Rock comes back, costs him the title at WM and humiliates him constantly and all Cena does is smirk and says Rock is great………why should anyone order WM again? And Cena clearly isn’t ok with getting booed out of the building the way he was on Sunday. I don’t see why a guy with his ring ability, build and charisma can’t go on a heel run like Lesnar did or something like that because he is pretty much unstoppable anyway.

      • Avatar Jason
        Jason says:

        I think the WWE is afraid of what happens to business if Cena goes heel. Hes a huge merchandise mover and is the guy that sells the tickets to all the house shows which are dominated by kids. I think they were not publicly traded the decision may have already been made to switch him. But they have others to answer to now.

        They still have a few months to try to salvage the feud. Im not sure how much Rock will appear in the ring between now and Mania, but the company has done a good job in the past of building feuds within teams (Cena/Michaels is actually a good example of this) to make both guys looks strong. I do think the WWE misjudged how this would play out. I think they thought that by Cena smacktalking the Rock, accepting a match, and asking him to be his partner that the crowd would accept him as a cool face. They are trying every trick to make him cool with the fans. The latest attempts are to make it seem like the crowd booing him is part of his gimmick and them booing him is respect. Its almost like some bizarre ECW angle. They have promoted these face vs face style matches as the selling points since 2007 (Michaels/Cena, Michaels/Flair, Michaels/Taker I, II, HHH/Taker) and thats the formula they want.

        Part of the problem is that Rock just blows him away. Cena is a good promo compared with a guy like Michaels or HHH, but often he comes off scripted. Rock is just a different level of great. You cant put the two together in the ring and have Cena hang with him. Rock can just ad-lib for 20 minutes. Cena cant do that. Hes much more scripted. Im sure if the company could bottle up Steve Austin from the late 1990s or Mick Foley from the same time Rock wont look as great, but compared to the guys of today he just blows them away and Cena is the guy in the ring with him and it makes him look awful.

  3. Avatar Ashley
    Ashley says:

    Love the show guys! Have a great Thanksgiving Brady! ;)

  4. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    cm punk was never IC champ was he?

  5. Avatar BigErn
    BigErn says:

    Hey Guys,

    Sorry that I have been out of the loop but between this whole polygamy hearing and this other incident (she told me that she was 18), I have been pretty wrapped up.

    Just a few comments to get things started …
    – Ted Dibiase is my pick for best wrestler never to get the IC title that has not been mentioned yet … honorable mention goes to Duke Drose and Mr. Technical Barry Horrowitz
    – from last weeks podcast and DJ’s comment that BJ=MNL. I thought the same thing at first but MNL was witty and fun to have around … and their writing styles are completely different. My conclusion is that BJ != MNL or MNL has lost his wit
    – I would give Kevin or Derek the lead so far for the third man on the ITR booth. I cannot agree with Vince’s comment on Akbaz … he is like a fine wine that should be sipped a little bit at a time

    Anyway, good podcast! Thanks for the Slammy noms (especially the shameful one) and I will post something up soon!

    • Avatar BigErn
      BigErn says:

      … oh and he’s not good but I do not recall John Cenanuff ever holding the IC strap. Hard to believe too …

  6. Avatar Pat Piper
    Pat Piper says:

    Best to never have won the IC title:

    Jake Roberts, Paul Orndorff, Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Bad News Brown, Brock Lesnar, Jimmy Snuka, Ted DiBiase (unless you count the North American Heavyweight title as the IC title), Andre the Giant, Vader, Bam Bam Bigelow, Jerry Lawler, Harley Race, Terry Funk

    • Avatar Anthony
      Anthony says:

      Those are really good additions

  7. Avatar technojojo
    technojojo says:

    Great to hear Sarlo back…gets my vote for third man. Good show…Akbaz should
    handle the soundboard…yes the soundboard.

  8. Avatar Belongamick
    Belongamick says:

    My nomination for third person ITR is Sassy Stephanie and Anthony to replace Hicks.
    Wrestler who should have held IC championship and didn’t was Bad News Brown. Remember when he came out with the broom to bash Hulk.

    Brady my sister always likes your jokes and thinks your witty, then again she’s a 300lb lesbian, so I guess that’s the story of your life.


  9. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    Good work guys. I can see getting confused on the Hogan/Rock deal since the real memory of the match is the ovation Hogan got before, during and after the match more than the match itself. I certainly cant think of too many instances where the part timer went over a big star in the WWE. Maybe there was someone in between but the last I can really remember was Michaels beating Hunter at SS in 2002 and then winning the title at the Elimination Chamber. He also beat Jericho at the next Mania. We probably forget those since Shawn did end up going full time, but at the time he was barely around, especially in the 2002 period. I think it was actually the Jericho match that convinced him he could go full time again.

    As for Cena/Rock it will be an interesting choice. In hindsight my guess is if the WWE knew how Hogan would be received in Toronto they would have changed the result and they did have him win the title a bit later which reinforces that theory. They apparently pulled an audible in the ring completely changing the match structure to let Hogan play complete face and also decided to break the NWO up much sooner than expected because of the reaction. At the same time I think the company felt that if this wasnt Mania and instead just a normal event on a plain old day it would have never had that reaction, but the cat was out of the bag (at least short term) post Mania.

    With Cena its different. They know he is going to get booed at any event on any day. At Mania its going to be even worse because its the Rock and in the Rocks backyard. He is going to come off as the most hated wrestler of all time. Makes it a very tough call especially because no handshake at the end is going to have the crowd cheer Cena.

    • Good point. It’s so strange because I can’t even remember any angle designed to put down the guy who is with the company before the match even takes place. That makes me think they must have something special planned. Assuming Cena does not turn (which I don’t think he will), I could see some sort of best of three scenario as has been tossed around … Rock could win first meeting at WrestleMania, but have Cena really go the distance so he doesn’t look weak at all. Match two could take place at SummerSlam and have it be a match where Cena is on the verge of winning but the contest is thrown out when somebody gets involved … like The Miz. By Match #3 at Survivor Series there might actually be people who want to see Cena win, which he would have to do since he’s the one staying with the company.

      • Avatar Vince G
        Vince G says:

        You could argue that when Hogan came to face Shawn (or pretty much every time he came back) he was going over the company guy since everyone knew Hogan wasn’t coming back to make them look good just take the money and run without giving much back. And lets not forget the only time Shawn turned when he came back was for Hogan. Cena could do the same for a few months.

        The problem is Cena is too stale, things are changing which the fans are quite vocal about but not only that but Rock is too big. Not only is he an all time great but he is a huge movie star and one of the two biggest symbols of the attitude era. All that combined and Cena doesn’t stand a chance unless someone turns. If this feud took place a few years ago when Cena was undisputed king of WWE it would be a more even fight. WWE never took into account Punk would take off or that guys like Ryder and Ziggler would really start making waves.

        In a lot of ways Cena is in a similar position to Bret just before he left. He has the new guy coming up behind him (Austin/Punk) and in front of him he has someone he can’t match in term of popularity (HBK) Not only that but Cena has done EVERYTHING except beat Taker. Maybe they could work that in somehow. Othe rthan that it’s just a case of sitting back and counting the money.

        • Avatar Belongamick
          Belongamick says:

          Everyone seems to be missing the fact that children love Cena which is the audience WWE want most of all. Children only see primary colours, they see Rock vs Cena, the rest really doesn’t matter.

        • Avatar Jason
          Jason says:

          Im not sure Id agree with all the comparisons (specifically the Austin/Punk comparison) but I do think that you are right about Cena having done everything there is to do. Its kind of hard to believe but he has been the company standard for something like 7 or 8 years now. Thats pretty much unheard of in this day and age. Austin was only on top for maybe 4 or 5 years and he lost at least a half year to neck surgery. Rock was on top for maybe 4 years or so. Cena is being asked to carry the company in a Hulk Hogan type role in an era where you are asked to be on TV every week rather than once a month or every other month. Its pretty difficult to do without a character change.

          I wonder if the company would have the guts to turn him at Mania. They did it with Austin but the crowd didnt really care for it and cheered him anyway. Cena would get such a negative reaction for taking a chair and wacking Rock with it that maybe it could carry the way Hogans turn did in WCW.

          • Avatar Vince G
            Vince G says:

            I only meant in terms of them both being the rising stars of the company up against the established guy people are supposed to like but are bored of.Obviously as people or wrestlers there is little comparison but in terms of positioning I think it is fair to draw parrallels. It it is clear fans want anything that is new which Punk is but he also happens to be a throw back which brings in the attitude crowd too.

            I think like Hogan, Cena isn’t going to go gracefully. And it seems that WWE think a new T-shirt once a year counts as staying fresh and the sales figure probably reflect that and they follow the money and the kids that control it.

            Brady-I don’t think they have anything that special planned I think this is it. It is working. Rock brings back the old fans and a bit more interest from the mainstream and that is all good. It doesn’t matter how bad Cena looks becuase his fans will cheer and buy the merch no matter what. So all Cena has to do is stand there and smirk. He clearly doesn’t enjoy not having anything to do and being forced to be the target of boos as opposed to it happening organically but at the end of the day when Rock isn’t there he goes back to being king again. No one turns, no one works hard, the fans see what they want (whichever side they are on) and WWE sits back and counts the cash.

          • AND Cena’s doing it with much less of a supporting cast than Hogan, Austin, or Rock ever had.

  10. Avatar mr. dirty joke
    mr. dirty joke says:

    Thanks BigErn i appreciate the kind word man. Glad to see that there are some sensible and intelligent fans of the show!!!!!!

  11. Avatar Brother Jermaine
    Brother Jermaine says:

    I don’t get why you guys would pay that much for ANY of those matches considering that we’ve seen them all on TV for free before and most likely will be seeing them for free in the future.