Preview: What’s Wrong With Wrestling

This Thursday, Whats Wrong With Wrestling returns with ANOTHER live special. We’ll be live out of blogtalkradio and at 6.30est / 11.30pm (gmt) and we will be taking live calls.

We’ll be talking about Ring of Honors Final Battle PPV coming up on Dec 23rd, the last two episodes of RAW, Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania and more.

In the last few days, Harry has been working on a statement that he would like to be posted on “The last few months are the most fun I have ever had when podcasting. I mean I didn’t ONCE post an episode yet I created mayhem and anarchy on this site! We’re done bothering Hicks, Nathan Gonzalez and I are stars and we are going to continue to create are legacy over the coming weeks. Brady, just because I said we are done with you DOESNT mean I will leave your site alone. Im going to win your awards…”

The show will also include a WWE 12 review.

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