Bowling Shoe Handsome – “Private Jokes Are Rude”

12/12/11 – Private Jokes Are Rude


Kevin and Young John return to TBH with a revamped version of their acclaimed podcast. This week’s topic is “inside jokes.” The guys talk about what place, if any, inside jokes have within the sphere of professional wrestling. Do WWE and its contemporaries go too far – or not too far enough – in referencing things that take place behind the curtain? Topics reviewed include CM Punk’s work-shoot promos, John Cena’s jabs at Dolph Ziggler, and Dixie Carter’s place on the weekly Impact show. Plus, music from Ascetic Parade, Hold Tight, and Throttle Jockey.  Click below to consume the excellence!


6 Responses to Bowling Shoe Handsome – “Private Jokes Are Rude”

  1. Avatar Young John
    Young John says:
  2. “You have to change it, Joe. A HAWK IS AN ANIMAL, JOE!”

  3. Avatar Mike Bessler
    Mike Bessler says:

    My favorite part of this episode is the part where you guys talk a lot about how inside jokes are rude and then you proceed to make a bunch of inside jokes. I think you were trying to suggest something about the duality of man…the Jungian thing. Am I right?

    • Avatar KevinMcElvaney
      KevinMcElvaney says:

      I think you might be projecting here ;)

    • Avatar Young John
      Young John says:

      I feel like the Jungian thing to do would be to load tons of marijuana onto a small aircraft and fly from Mexico to Massachusetts.

      Side-bar: Kevin, I think I found a way to make some money…

  4. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    i agree spirit squad was brought in to feed the dx