This week IN THE ROOM on WEXP Philly and, Brady Hicks, DJ, and Anthony Sarlo are joined LIVE by Brady’s colleague with Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Mike Bessler. Together, the gang talk Raw, John Morrison leaving WWE (and the chances of an MNM reunion), Daniel Bryan, and so much more. Make sure to get out and vote for the Who’s Slammy Awards! Thanks for the support!

3 Responses to IN THE ROOM

  1. Avatar Young John
    Young John says:

    “Del Rio used to do that….but you already knew that.”
    Almost slipped that one by haha

  2. Avatar Belongamick
    Belongamick says:

    How exactly do we vote Hicks? Your sites a mess. How do we vote you off!!!


    • Click the link at the top. Join the facebook group and vote there. If you’re not on facebook, follow the other link to the Who’s Slammy post and leave your votes in the comments.